Homecoming 2013 Schedule

Friday, August 2

5:30 pm – Meet and greet in the Fellowship Hall – light dinner served

7:00 pm – Evening Bible Study – The Calling of a Nation

Saturday, August 3

8:00 am – Breakfast at Bethel

9:30 am – Teaching Session #1 – Music with Southern Raised

10:30 – Break

10:45 – Teaching Session #2 – Southern Raised

12:00 – Lunch at Bethel – Bethel’s Best Barbeque!

1:15 – Teaching Session #3 – Southern Raised

2:30 – Break

2:45 – Teaching Session #4 – Southern Raised

4:00 – Dismissal

Sunday, August 4

9:45 – Assembly and Music by Southern Raised

10:45 – Morning Worship Service

12:00 – Sunday Dinner and Fellowship

3:00 – Afternoon Service with Brady Crum



I Have Decided

In 1998 I did my very first King James Bible Prophecy conference at 47th Street Baptist Church in Levy, Arkansas, my grandma’s church.  I still, to this day, remember going to a quiet place before I travelled down there, to pray.  I was nervous and I was sincerely asking God for His guidance.  I told God that I did not want to teach anything that was not true.  I loved my Lord, and the opportunity He gave me to stand before His people and preach was a special grace that He bestowed upon me. I wasn’t seeking acceptance, fame, notoriety, or money. All I wanted was to tell the truth. If people received it, Great! But if they rejected it, I decided that I would not let that be the basis for either what I believed, or what I taught.

Recently, I have received a lot of criticism and name calling for things that I have stood for and taught. Some of the worst criticism has come from some in the on-line community that I considered to be friends and brethren.  These are people that i loved, desired fellowship from, desired acceptance from, and gave all of my best efforts to.  15 years after that first conference, I have decided that I must still continue, with my Lord’s help, to tell only the truth of and from the inerrant Word of God.

Some from the black community have called me a racist because of my criticism of Obama.  As long as this President continues to support sodomite marriage, abortion, and socialism, I have decided to keep speaking out against him.

Some who have fallen for the Hebrew Roots/Sacred Name heresy have called me anti-Semitic and accused me of hating the Law. I have decided that as long as they continue to teach their version of works based salvation, I will keep proclaiming the grace of God from the rooftop. 

Many from the modern church with their modern bibles accuse me of idol worship because I believe that every Word of God is pure. They misquote, misrepresent, and outright lie about my belief in the King James Bible. I have decided that I will continue to believe and preach that “the Word is God.”

But what really caught me off guard, what really grieved my spirit, were the King James Bible believers who have been relentless in their attacks because I won’t endorse their version of eschatology. Some of them have accused me of being a Freemason, some have accused me of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing, some a heretic, some have called me ignorant and blind because I won’t follow their version of “rightly dividing”, which means to cast away verses that do not fit a preconceived doctrine or prophetic timetable.  I have decided that my conscience won’t allow me to teach or accept a doctrine that the whole of the Scriptures do not teach.  I have decided that even though it has cost me fellowship, acceptance, speaking engagements and financial support, that I must continue in my study, my hunger for understanding God’s most amazing book, and committing to faithful men that which the Holy Ghost has and continues to teach me. I will do it for my Lord and my Father, for His kingdom, and for you.



26 years ago

26 years ago on our honeymoon we got hungry and Lisa sent me to McDonald’s. Now we are in a layover in Houston and we are celebrating with McDonald’s.
This morning in St. Louis I got caught going through security with a 30/30 bullet in my backpack!  It was a leftover from deer season and I didn’t know it was in there.   The Tsa was nice about it though and just filled out a report. They kept my bullet though.