Pastor Mike is the Pastor of Bethel Church in Festus, Missouri, the husband to Lisa, the father of Lindsay, Alicia, Courtney, Matthew, and Caleb, the grandfather of Michaela, Adalynn, and other future grandchildren, and a believer in the inerrant, incorruptible Word of God.  It is these things that make up who I am, who and what I love, and how I live my life.

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    1. pastor mike there is a new show made by Netflix called hemlock grove and you will not believe the illuminati or luciferian imagery in just the first two episodes you have got to check this out it is the most blatent stuff tat I have seen and it is totally aimed at teens or pre teens. god help us just keep praying that more people will open their eyes to the TRUTH. GOD BLESS and I hope to here something about this on one of your shows. thanks, Jamie Vaughan jpv9116546@hotmail.com

  1. Hi Pastor Mike, I greatly appreciate your ministry. I just found your Youtube video yesterday on giants and it has helped me to understand the behavior of the Old Testament God vs. the New Testament God -previously I thought them quite contradictory. That whole series (3 videos on Giants) was an answer to prayer. I was curious to find out what a “bareein” (don’t know the spelling) is?

    I am a new Christian, I had my born again experience on the eve of Rosh-Hashanah which was unexpected and fortuitous. I was raised Mormon and obviously raised to mistrust the Bible as the Word of God. In the summer of 2010 I read the “Under the Banner of Heaven” which opened up my eyes and started my search for the truth. My search for truth lead me in diverse areas, some quite dark in nature. I was almost at the point of giving up on believing in God altogether when I stumbled on to the Prophecy Club videos one sleepless night as I was researching Freemasonry. Later I would succumb to watching Shawn McCraney’s “Heart of the Matter” videos which helped me to further break down my mistrust of the Bible and Christianity. Shawn’s ministry really helped me to see the core issues of deception that I had been indoctrinated to believe. In humility I said the Sinner’s Prayer and I asked God to open my eyes and my understanding (this was last summer). This has been a lonely journey and has continued to be filled with challenges. I finally submitted my resignation letter by mid-October from the LDS Church, and have still not heard back. Since doing this leap of faith it has seemed as if the very Gates of Hell have opened up on me.

    Sadly, there are many wolves in your flock (the Christian Body) and I have not found a local congregation that feels right to me. I have almost been at the point of giving up on that until listening to your video yesterday. You will be in my prayers Pastor Mike, be on watch because there is an open war out on anyone who is exposing “The Lie”. God Bless!

    1. Hi Kerry, hang in there and keep reading the words of LIFE,, King James Version,,,just like Pastor Mike encourages us too. I am Praising the Lord for drawing you to him. There are wolves out there but our hope is in knowing Gods truth in our hearts and minds.
      Pastor Mike’s sermons are anointed from the Lord. Keep listening to his sermons..The Holy Spirit will always bring us to Gods word…..

      God Bless you.


  2. I can’t help it I just love Pastor Mike he is a rare and dying breed unfortunately. I was raised in San Antonio in a little fundamental independent Baptist church where only the King James Bible was used and I am very grateful that the Lord had me raised that way. I love the King James Bible and that is why I love Pastor Mike because he also loves the King James Bible and, unlike me, he knows exactly why he Love the King James Bible ha ha ha but by listening and watching Pastor Mike videos I am learning more and more why I love my King James Bible the ONLY WORD OF GOD translated faithfully into English!!!

  3. Hi Pastor Mike, was someone humming a song while you were on your knees praying at the end of the Easter service,, maybe feed back, Beautiful prayer.
    Wonderful sermon.

    God Bless You.

    AA from CA

  4. WHOOAH! Timothy McVeigh ALSO arrested on April 19th.
    Was a ‘terrorist attack’, 6 yrs, 6 mos., and 8 days before 911. BTW, Marathon was TWO days earlier this year.
    So, who us the nutjob who mapped out the finish line in front of 666 Boylson St.?

    Not sure yet how to otherwise message on this, but know you like details!

  5. Hello pastor Mike
    Hereby a link from the website of “the brethren” in Holland.
    Although it is in dutch you can find the many links to
    the charismatic movement and it has an great impact.
    It was for 25 years ago unthinkable but it happened.
    God bless you, I love you and your ministry.


  6. Pastor Mike: I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I Have a comment and a question. For twenty years I have only known one Spanish Bible to be the true word of God which is the Reina Valera 1960 Bible.
    I never compared it with any other one; because the day I except Jesus Christ as my savior I was told that was Gods word. Since then I have only read that one. but couple days ago I heard you putting it in the same level as the NIV and the mormon book. I couldn’t hear why; Because I was fixing dinner and feeding My baby while hearing your sermon. Later on when I had time for my self I tryed to listen to the same sermon again but I could not find it. I would like to know why the Reina Valera version is not good. And, Can you advise me in what Spanish Bible to buy? I am living to Mexico in 4 weeks and there is no Christian church or book store in the city I go to so I would like to take the right Bible before I go. Thank you and God bless you

  7. Hello Pastor Mike!
    I am currently reading “The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico” by Bernal Diaz del Castillo, a first hand accout of Cortez and his deeds in the 16th century. In the American edition published by Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, 1956, there is a very interesting paragraph in chapter LIII, of the section “the war in Tlaxcala” describing giants and their bones and the testimony of the native people about them. I heard you this week on “Watchman on the Wall” and thought you might be interested.

  8. Hello pastor mike ….I’m so glad I found another man who thinks as I do ….I have come to the same conclusions as you have….The Lord Jesus led me out of my local church as it was a home for snakes ….may Jesus continue to give you wisdom and bless you and your family

  9. Hi Pastor Mike,
    Can you do a little something on Exodus 9:9-14. And BTW the banner for twitter updates has “receive” mis-spelled.

  10. Hello Pastor mike!
    Thank you for what you just said about taking in those of us who have taken a stand for what we believe God wants us to. My husband and I have been watching you for about one year or so.
    We attend church online because we just have been so disappointed with the compromises and “ick” that exist in most churches we have tried in our city. Not to mention we require physical accessibility and that limits our options.
    One of the hardest things I have ever done was making the choice to leave my church about 15 years ago. And then, About two years ago, my husband and I were forced to leave a church we had fallen in love with because of all the children. But it turned out they were promoting the ideologies of Rob Bell. Our leadership actually alluded to the belief that we may get a second chance once we die.
    It was so painful. But, when God convicts your heart, you have no choice but to do what He wants. Of course most of the Christian community believe to take a stand, means you are being judgmental.
    We offended several people because even though we never mentioned our church, we felt convicted to post articles about him and emergent church stuff on our facebook account. In the end, we cancelled Facebook and left. It broke our hearts but we had no choice.
    So Feeling pastorless and churchless has been something I have struggled with a lot. It seems lonely at times, so to hear what you said today, really was an encouragement. It is important to me to be accountable to a leader and we haven’t had that. How can we have you as our Pastor?
    I guess the reminder is, we are all a part of one Body, no matter where we all live.

    We love your heart and what you stand for. Sure we all have some differences, but what matters is our heart’s intentions. God bless you and your beloved family.
    We are family!
    Anita Berglund
    from Ontario Canada

  11. Pastor Mike – would you be willing to post your sermon notes/outlines for your videos/broadcasts online for your viewers to print? I love your videos and want to take notes. Having a printable version or outline would be an extremely useful tool in studying the Bible along with your videos. Anyone else out there agree that they would love to have Pastor Mike provide an outline?

  12. pastor mike – on the 2nd season finale of unecessary roughness…titled sympathy for the devil….they had a scenario where a clinic was trying to save/ repair injured athletes. when it (the treatment) was revealed it wasn’t just hormones or steroids it was a potion to change their dna. i have enjoyed catching up on the wvb and watch on-line live as i can…..thank you so much for showing me what the bible really has to say!

  13. hi pastor mike hoggard. I just want to know if your church history is from bible baptist church or from what church originally is bethel church you founded or what church you belong before you founded bethel and what the foundation of your doctrine is? which bible school from? and where authority you founded bethel? very sorry from all the questions but i like your sermons and doctrine but just want to know which dna from it came. thanks.

    rovin z.

  14. Hallo Pastor Mike and friends in Jesus
    I live in South Africa and I would like to know if there is other people of South Africa that is part of your church ? I would like to communicate with them. I’m not English speaking and not so good with spelling… I love your work on the internet. Technology is also a bit slow on the countryside where I live… Sometimes I have Bible questions and I don’t know how to ask you about it. Maybe there is someone in South Africa that speak my language, that is Afrikaans? I hope you get this e-mail. God bless you and your family. love Elsabie

  15. Hi and God bless you! I was raised in the charismatic/Pentecostal churches and fell into sin for 2 decades after leaving those churches. Incidentally, they had all of us using NIV bibles. When I got into trouble with the law and had a drug habit that I could not defeat I cried out to God. I asked him to help me. I also asked him to show me the truth so that I am not deceived in these tumultuous times. God answers prayers! He led me to your ministry where I learned about the Authorized version bible. I did a little checking and found it all to be true! Thank you pastor Mike for the ministry the LORD has you doing, I would still be lost if not for Gods grace in using you to help me.
    I am now tring to convince others that I know who are still in that system(charismatic), God has helped and 2 people, a man and his wife have seen the truth, Praise God! But there are sooo many who wont listen at all and it saddens me greatly.
    I pray for you and your family and ministry and am asking the same for myself, pray for me that I have boldness to keep spreading Gods word.
    ps I live in st, Louis county and very much want to come visit Bethel church

  16. You are more times right than wrong for sure. So I looked into everything on your show and now I mean to say thanks Mr Hoggard ..and let you know we pray for you with tears. ..
    We know what you are going through and want to encourage you to keep trying and in due time you will be rewarded. ..
    Now we read the Holy Bible kjv only and we are in agreement with you; again, almost everything. Please remember we hope all things and endurance is key. Been there when those deceived decievers spin this black magic thing that only men like us experience.
    When you read the perverse version of the Bible you feel way differently than if you know what you have is really the WORD. .thanks again and again for helping us see all the lies

  17. Just want to say I enjoy your podcast on sermon audio under the topic of technology. I was wondering were you aware that “computer” equals 666 as well as some other interesting words. Also go check out the trailer for the new x-men movie for 2016. Listen very closely to what is being said, I believe you will find it interesting.

  18. Wanted to say I enjoy listening to your podcast on sermon audio under the topic of technology and wanted to throw this question out; Did you know the word computer equals 666 as well as some other interesting words? also go check out the trailer for the new x-men movie due out in 2016. Pay close attention to what’s being said.

  19. Pastor Mike, you ought to check out the site 2045.com ,you may have already, just proves our time is very short, because all you’ve taught on (transhuminism) seems to be at the door. Massive deception.

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