Volunteers Wanted!

I love technology and I love preaching God’s Word, and in the last 10 years, God has allowed me to combine the two together to sow the Good Seed to as many as possible. We have been broadcasting on Sermon Audio for several years and we have many families from around the world who gather with us. When we first started streaming our services, live internet broadcasting was still in its early stages, and the hardware and software was limited and sometimes expensive.

When we first started live streaming, we used 1 camera, and streamed out a low bit-rate video feed (choppy, pixelated, sometimes blurry.)  When I found out that people were not just watching our services on a desktop computer, that they were gathering in their living room and watching on their 50 inch flat panel television, we invested a little money into purchasing a capture card capable of receiving High Definition video from 4 cameras, and a second high speed internet connection in order to send out an HD live broadcast.

Just recently, we made a few more adjustments to hardware/software in order to stream a simultaneous live video feed to Facebook, which just recently got into the live streaming business. Whereas a few years ago, there were only a few live broadcasting websites, now there are hundreds, as well as new software titles, new hardware, even phone/tablet apps that stream live video to the entire world, for cheap, or in some cases, FREE.

While playing around with a free live streaming program called Open Broadcaster Studio, I used its ability to capture all or part of a computer screen. That’s when it hit me, It is now very easy to capture live streamed video, and then re-stream that same video to places like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, U-Stream, Daily Motion, Sermon.net, any or all of hundreds more live streaming services. Many of which are absolutely free!

This is where you come in. We are looking for volunteers from around the world, spanning the globe, to help us re broadcast our services, PMO, revival services, etc. Here is a list of basic requirements: You must have a broadband internet connection, a minimum of 3 mbps for upstreaming video (to find out your upload speed, measured in mega-bits per second, mbps, try speedtest.net)  You must also have a desktop or laptop computer, running either Windows 7 and upward, or Apple Mac desktop or laptop, or a Linux desktop or laptop.  Thirdly, you will need streaming software. Here is a partial list of software titles.

Wirecast (what we use at Bethel) – http://www.telestream.net – cost starts at $450 and upward

Vmix – http://www.vmix.com – starting at $60 and upward

Broadcam – http://www.nchsoftware.com/broadcam  $49.99 (why don’t they just say $50?)

Xsplit – http://www.xsplit.com – not sure of the cost for this software.

Open Broadcaster Software/OBS Studio – This software runs on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac) and is free of charge. It can capture either all, or part of any screen or window and then live stream using Facebook, YouTube, Daily Motion, etc. This is what I recommend for those who wish to participate in this program. You capture our live stream and then rebroadcast it directly to your Facebook page, it is that simple, and all this free of charge!

Not only could you re-stream our live services, but you could play the part of Media Mogul and run your own Facebook TV station, live streaming things such as Watchman Video Broadcast, Pure Bible Study, any of your favorite Pastor Mike sermons, etc. For those who want the best quality possible, we would make available for your download our Watchman videos, Bible study videos, PMO, or sermon videos in their original High Def format!

The possibilities are endless, and the need is great. There are many hungry people out there. They are on Facebook, watch YouTube, listen to sermons on other sermon video sites, etc. They are like all of us were at one time, searching for answers. God used me to draw you to His Word. Let God use you to draw others to the “great and mighty things” in His Word.

Contact us at info@kingjamescode.org or pastormikeonline@gmail.com and let us know if you are interested. Put “STREAMING” in the subject line. We are always looking to expand our outreach, so I am also looking for volunteers to help with posting our sermons to various YouTube channels, Sermon sites, etc.