Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike & Lisa & their family. Lisa is having surgery Tuesday.
Michael leaving for Kenya in December
Sterling & Gloria. Gloria is in the hospital again.
Betty Foresyth is having eye surgery Tuesday.
Duane Airharts step mom died in a car accident. Pray for the family.
Donna’s granddaughter needs prayer for heart problems.
Cheryl needs prayer.
Dee is asking prayer for Robbie.
James needs prayer
Lori needs prayers.
Linda Craig needs prayer for health.
Alex needs prayer, he’s going through a hard time.
Chris Gunn’s brother had a stroke, is in ICU. He needs salvation.
Betty’s friend, Norma is home from the hospital and doing good.
Amy Cheekmore has cancer & needs prayer
George is asking prayer for his friend with cancer
William needs prayer for a job & finances
Eleanor needs prayer for her family.
Paula & family need prayer.
Tammy Dotson needs prayer
Steve & his friend, Lori need prayer.
Lori needs prayer for her health & other problems
Sara needs prayer
April needs prayer
Georgia needs prayer
Todd & Courtney needs prayer.
Chloe is 15 and needs salvation.
Our President needs prayer
Cubby & Cindy’s family.
Nancy’s Dad has lung cancer. Husband lost his job.
Nancy needs a job.
Hyon Mi needs prayer
David’s job
Donna Lewis has kidney cancer
Melinda has breast cancer. She has surgery Tuesday.
Ernie needs prayer
Frank needs prayer.He has Parkinson’s and not doing good.
Bretts Dad needs prayer
Adam & Melissa for salvation
Catherine White needs prayer for her health
Linda is home and doing good.
Kids needs prayer for school.
Melissa’s Aunt Mary and her mom and Katie
Roy & Bonnie for health.
Noel is having surgery.
Crystal has stage 3 breast cancer in lymph nodes
Gary’s son Jacobi for health.
Dana Chase & Family needs prayer
Rose Hinton her health.
Lindsay & her kids need prayers for her divorce.
Chris and her kids need prayer. Pray for Abby
Our Ministries in Kenya, Radio Station Feeding the People.
Pam needs prayer for her leg
Chris Gunn and family
Monica is asking prayer for Robert, Heather & Phillip
Betty Walsh’s family need prayer
Trish needs prayer.
Eddie needs prayer for cancer
Max and Sherry Cloke. Max has cancer
Our Country, Leaders and Soldiers
Our church and online church folks