Personal notes


This morning just as I began preaching, I was overcome with a wave of nausea and dizziness. After a few minutes I recovered somewhat and finished the message. I appreciate everyone’s prayers and concerns. I think it is related to something that has been happening frequently during Sunday School. I have been having spasm in my “inward parts” that are uncontrollable. This almost always does not occur except on Sunday morning. Maybe it is stress related as I contemplate the gravity of the importance of the Sunday Service, or maybe not. I do believe that God allows it to happen as a reminder to me that neither I nor anyone else should exalt anyone but the Lord Jesus Christ. It was His strength that provided the blessing today, not mine. May God always be praised. The funny thing is I prayed specifically this morning before the service for this not to happen. As I remembered this later this evening, God reminded me that His grace is sufficient, and rather than giving me what I asked for, He gave me something that was better; to allow my weakness to be used for His glory and the edification of the saints. I’ll take that.