26 years ago

26 years ago on our honeymoon we got hungry and Lisa sent me to McDonald’s. Now we are in a layover in Houston and we are celebrating with McDonald’s.
This morning in St. Louis I got caught going through security with a 30/30 bullet in my backpack!  It was a leftover from deer season and I didn’t know it was in there.   The Tsa was nice about it though and just filled out a report. They kept my bullet though.


5 thoughts on “26 years ago”

  1. ohhhh that looks yummy… the bullet thing was scary… I go through so much searching at every airport because of the hard collar I wear, but as you said, I’m glad they do it, it’s inconvenient, but I much rather be safe! God bless you Pastor Mike, Congratulations to you and sister Lisa 🙂

  2. Pastor Mike,

    I’m really enjoying series on another Jesus. As I watch these I remember times through my life that the Lord was looking after me with my encounters with Mormons and JWS immediately realizing these are fake. I thank God for my Mom who made sure that I went to Sunday school and learned from the bible and it was King James. I was saved in 1990 and just recently rededicated my life to the Lord Jesus Christ after I had backslidden. God is always faithful when we are not. Now I know that Jesus is enough, what he did on the cross is enough . What beautiful words it is DONE!! That is so liberating that to know a poor evil retched sinner (myself) all I have to do is believe , because Jesus is enough, not our works, but faith is what pleases God.

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