True Story

True Story

A true story, we were in Matamoros Mexico in the marketplace and we met this shopkeeper, Arturo. He heard from our guide that I was a minister and he asked me about our church and if I had any sermons on the Internet. I wrote my web address, http://www.pastormikehoggard.com on a card. When he saw what I wrote, he looked at me, surprised and excited and said,”You’re Mike Hoggard?”
True story

10 thoughts on “True Story”

  1. I liked that! Did you blush, Pastor Mike? I think you really may have, hahaha!! But, in all sincerity, WE know a WONDERFUL GOD, & HE is just FULL of surprises, isn’t HE? Have a wonderful time, and wear sunblock …

  2. Hello pastor Mike, my dad is from Matamoros, Mexico and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I came upon your video on YouTube just a week ago. When I was confused about all the different bible versions out there. Thanks for your help. GOD BLESS.

  3. Wow – small world isn’t it?! Thank goodness for the internet making your teachings available around the world!! They’re in good hands with your teachings Pastor Mike, my husband & I have learned so much more than we’d ever heard preached or learned of God’s Word before in our lives since finding you ( and we’re mid ’50’s, woohooo!).

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