Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro Mike and Lisa and Lisa
Bernice Whitehead-health
Watchers need for sister
Jimmie’s nephew has a court hearing, Aug. 5th for custody of his son.
Catherine’s son, can’t locate him.
Mike & Laura need prayer for health issues.
Donna’s son Eric for salvation.
Linda needs prayer for her brother
Max needs prayer for cancer
Watcher’s nephew dying from aneurysm
Jerrod’s grandparents
Bro. Sterling for test being run
Rick & Ruth needs prayer for job.
Unspoken for health and our country and soldiers
Rose’s kids. Unspoken.
Dee needs prayer for Jared and her mom.
Unspoken for Church Family
Linda Twomey for health
Jodi needs prayer for a job.
Mike’s Dad & Mom
The Group Home.
Kevin has colon cancer
Carolyn for health & strength
Pray for the lost.
Nancy & Randy needs prayer
Monica, Lisa’s sister & family
Christopher Gunn family needs prayer
Rob Grebe and his family’s                                                                                                                 Courtney for tailbone and lower back pain
Our Country and leaders and our Soldiers