Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike & Lisa & their family
Garrett & His parents. His Dad, has stage 3 cancer & is going blind.
Cassie has stage 1 cervical cancer & Needs prayer.
Missie & her Dad are drugs addicts and need to be saved
Katy recovering from surgery
Tracy & children for protection
Todd needs salvation
Edna serious situation
Rebecca having back surgery next week
Jennifer has auto immune disease & probably won’t get better. Her Dad is Catholic & needs saved
Nancy’s husband having a lot of back & hip pain
Jennifer & Sophie family situation.
James needs prayer for his job
Jennifer is asking prayer for her husbands health, God’s Guidance on moving and to have a Godly marriage.
Tiffany & her husband need prayer for health .
Melissa needs prayer for broken wrist. May need surgery.
Taylor had knee surgery and is in a lot of pain.
Monica is asking prayer for Heather & Phillip.
Jerrod’s grandparents
Christina Health
Kay’s husband for safe travels home. The Interstates are shut down in Southern Louisiana.
George and family.
Betty & Charles Forsyth. Charles only has 6 months to live.
Donna’s Dad passed away.
Bernice Whitehead needs prayers
Randy & Cheryl need prayer for salvation
Lola & Linda need prayer for health.
Scott needs prayer for his family
Evelyn Fitzsimmons & her husband needs prayer
Betty Walsh
Rose’s hand. Unspoken.
Courtney & her kids need prayer. For her back issues & to sell her house
Melissa’s daughter, Katie, needs prayer. Melissa has headaches.
Meghan & Lukas needs prayer
Clayton needs prayer.
Linda’s in-laws need prayer
Sasha & Ryan needs prayer.
Robert Schaefer needs salvation
Our school kids with school work.
Roy & Bonnie for health. Roy has surgery in February.
Noel needs prayer, his cancer is back
Max needs prayer for his cancer
Alicia need prayer for health
Lindsay needs prayer for legs
Donna’s Children, her health & finances
Unspoken for family & loved ones & unsaved.
Dana Chase & her family needs prayer.
Rob Grebe & family
Nancy Reindl for her health.
Monica for her health
Phillip needs prayer
Group Home
Our Country, Leaders and Soldier