June Schedule

As I have been announcing, I have some traveling going on in the month of June. From Monday, June 4th until Monday June 11th my family and I will be on vacation. I will not have access to the internet during this time. Any emails you send during this time, excluding orders for videos, will not be answered.
Then from Sunday afternoon June 17th through Friday June 22 we will be traveling to Green Forrest, Arkansas for a week of Bible camp. Again, during this time I will be unable to answer any emails. From there we travel to Fort Smith, Arkansas to speak at a prophecy conference hosted by Southwest Radio Church on Saturday June 23rd, then travel back home that evening, and be back at Bethel Sunday morning. Please keep us in your prayers for traveling safety, and Brady and Bradley Crum as the stand in for me during services.


How it Works

In an earlier post I showed pictures of our studio with the giant green wall. Here is how we convert that into what you see in the Watchman Broadcast.
Here is the raw, unprocessed video with the green wall in the background.


Once this is in the computer, the software is told to take out everything that is green (which is why I never wear a green shirt.)

Once the green background has been eliminated, the result is an “empty space” behind me.

At this point, on a seperate track in the video editor timeline, I add the “studio”, which is a 30 second clip that plays over and over throughout the length of the Watchman video.

Now we have the finished project!