Weekly Prayer Requests

Noel just lost his job & has health issues.
Praise! Ed & Patty are celebrating 30 years of marriage. The Lord has been with them.
Tracy is asking prayer for Sid and his family
Carol’s son is going in for alcohol detox. Unsaved and his marriage is breaking up.
Joe has a praise. Since speaking with Pastor Mike, He now has grace! Pray for his 11 year old daughter
as he and his wife are separated and his wife hates God.
Ann Robinson recovering from surgery.
Monica needs prayer.
Jerilyn needs prayer
Sterling needs prayer
Chris & Tammy and family
Kristy Barr passed away and her family needs prayer.
Michael had a bad 4-wheeler accident and he needs prayer
Sheri needs prayer for decisions.
Unspoken request
Sophie needs prayer
Rhonda Wilson’s family
David & Linda Twomey
Roy & Bonnie and nephew.
Pray for our ministry here
Daniel is in rehab and needs prayer from heroine abuse.                                                                                                  Nancy and her health.
Bernice Whitehead is not feeling good
Rachel needs prayer for her marriage
Mandy prays for healing for her daughter
Bob had open heart surgery. Pray for his recovery.
Chrissy’s family needs prayer
Rose Hinton’s family needs prayer
Kathryn’s son has a pagan girlfriend
Noel Moreno needs prayer for his health & job.
Lisa Parr’s Dad passed away. Please pray for her Mom and her.
Jeanette’s husband passed away. Please pray for her and family.
Pray for Connie. He is bleeding from his small intestines. Pray for his
Wife and family, has already had 5 blood transfusions .
Please pray for Wade & his family. His brother, Howie has stage 4 cancer.
His mom had a severe heart attack & is in rehab recovering. Now his step-dad,
Was also diagnosed with cancer, similar to what Howie has. They need lots
of prayer.
Jordan needs prayer for himself and his family for God’s will in their life.
Rose’s sisters, Nina and Glenda traveling from Texas to Missouri
Amber needs prayer for her Dad to open his eyes to the truth .
Dee’s Mom.
People of Kenya
Nancy needs prayer
Rob Grebe’s daughters.
Wilma is asking prayer for her family.
Eric needs prayer for his family
Our Country, President and leaders
Our soldiers