A Word of Warning concerning Cutting Edge ministries.

A word of warning, please consider the following information before purchasing any of my videos from Cutting Edge ministries.

Several years ago Cutting Edge ministry approached me to start offering our videos on their on-line store. I informed him that he needed to be aware that our materials were free to anyone who asked, he said he knew that but wanted me to change my policy on that. I respectfully turned him down, and told him that if he wanted to sell my videos on his website, I would let him do so, I would ask that he give us a simple $2 royalty on each one he sold. He agreed to that. Not too long after that, he approached me about doing special videos on Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. The result was 3 videos, Freemason Symbols Revealed, Capitol Secrets, and Prophets of the New Order, which he sold on his website, and at the time, our ministry was receiving royalty payments. He called later to tell me that a company wanted to sell Chris Pinto’s Riddles In Stone series with my series, saying that over 100,000 copies would probably be sold. To date, I have never seen a dime of that, and I don’t know how many were actually sold, he would never tell me. Some time later, I stopped receiving any payments from Cutting Edge. After about 6-8 months went by and I finally called him. He admitted that he had personal financial issues and had used our ministry royalty payments for that purpose. He promised to make good on it, but never has. I stopped sending him new videos to offer on his web store, I have tried to reconcile with him, only to have him accuse me of owing him $60,000 in lost revenue because SouthWest Radio Ministries refused to deal with him and opted to get our videos from us directly.
A woman called our church this morning, telling us that her and her husband were on a fixed income, and that she had purchased my videos from Cutting Edge and paid $150 dollars for them. Alicia explained to her that all of our videos were free and that we were going to send her a copy of everything we had, and put her on the mailing list. I have kept silent on this issue now for over 3 years, but upon hearing what I heard today, my conscience will not allow me to remain silent. Please know that when you purchase videos from Cutting Edge, none of your money goes to help our ministry.
Now, having said all of that, I am not bitter, because no matter how someone ends up watching our videos, I know that they are hearing Bible verses from a Pure Bible. That is all I ever wanted to begin with. I can’t lose, I can only be blessed that one of our videos was a blessing to someone else.