Weekly Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike
Bernice Whitehead blood pressure
David Twomey has leukemia. His family needs prayer. Linda is staying with him at the hospital. Pray for Linda’s Mom, Lola.
Mel & Ann Robinson
Dee Politte
Wayne Shirk is doing better from is surgery.
Rhonda needs prayer. She has been sick
Bonnie is recovering from Gall Bladder surgery. Please keep
Roy & Bonnie is your prayers.
Jerilyn needs prayer for her baby Nolan. They have to take Him to a specialist in Cincinnati .
Bison is under cybernetic & spiritual attack.
Tamara is asking prayer for her nieces Mom. Needs healing.
A flight attendant is sharing the Gospel of John with Her co-workers. Please pray for her.
Robert Schultz- the devil is attacking the family.
Nancy Reindle having blood sugar problems.
Casey asking prayer for her relationship. Help her to make the right choice.
Gary Ballinger needs prayer for a job, as he just lost his.
Perlita is asking prayer for her grandson, Derek Dowd to transform his mind and change his heart.
Merry is asking prayer for her small church, Gallaher Memorial Baptist, established in 1855.
Our Country, President and leaders
Our soldiers.


Logorate village, Kenya

347 gathered in Logorate to watch our live service. They came in drizzling rain, sat in the street to hear the word of God from Bethel church. 3 men who work as security guards have volunteered to provide security while the faithful feed from the Word of God. Pray that the gospel will continue to be preached to these hungry people.

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Information for donating platelets to Bethel member, David Twomey

April 23, 2015

Please keep David and his family in your prayers. He will be in the hospital for at least a month. His address and information is below if anyone would like to send cards.

Information on platelet donations:
To set up an appointment, call 314-362-1253. Make sure you tell them you are donating for David Twomey.
To donate, here are some things you will need to know:
You will be there at least two hours and they will be taking you temperature, pulse, blood pressure, etc.
Before you can donate, these are the things they will be looking for to see if you are able:
1. You will have a finger prick-if it is under 12.5, you cannot donate.
2. If you have been out of the country in the last year, you cannot donate.
3. Your platelet count must be 150,000 or higher.
4. They will be looking for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hepatitis, and tuberculosis.
5. They will want a list of all medication you are currently taking.
6. If you are under doctor’s care, or have had any surgeries in the last year, you cannot donate.
Siteman Cancer Center
Barnes Hospital
Room #4906
4921 Parkview Place,
St. Louis, Mo 63110
Phone: 314-362-5000

Platelet donations:
Siteman Cancer Center
4th floor, Suite 4E