Homecoming 2013 Schedule

Friday, August 2

5:30 pm – Meet and greet in the Fellowship Hall – light dinner served

7:00 pm – Evening Bible Study – The Calling of a Nation

Saturday, August 3

8:00 am – Breakfast at Bethel

9:30 am – Teaching Session #1 – Music with Southern Raised

10:30 – Break

10:45 – Teaching Session #2 – Southern Raised

12:00 – Lunch at Bethel – Bethel’s Best Barbeque!

1:15 – Teaching Session #3 – Southern Raised

2:30 – Break

2:45 – Teaching Session #4 – Southern Raised

4:00 – Dismissal

Sunday, August 4

9:45 – Assembly and Music by Southern Raised

10:45 – Morning Worship Service

12:00 – Sunday Dinner and Fellowship

3:00 – Afternoon Service with Brady Crum


3 thoughts on “Homecoming 2013 Schedule”

  1. Wow that looks awesome Pastor Mike I wish I could be there to meet you in person not that you are anything special but just love to hug your neck and shake your hand for taking a stand for the King James Bible. Maybe next year I can come. I will be there in spirit and online I will be watching for sure.
    Thank you for all you and the staff do for us.

  2. What is this “homecoming”? Does it have anything to do with football? Are us cyber-followers invited to this event? Will it happen next year–good Lord willing?

  3. I’m sad I can’t stay up no longer to see the first part LIVE it’s too late in Melbourne, I will miss the music of Southern Raised 😦
    Enjoy everyone! God bless you! Have a wonderful and blessed day, we so wish we were there!

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