The Lawsuit in Kenya – Update

We were informed today that the judge who is hearing the case is requiring my son in law Michael Hallonda to PERSONALLY appear in his court room in Kenya on August 29th. Since he is mentioned in the civil action, the judge is forcing him to appear. This will place a hardship, not only on our ministry, but on Michael as well. But it appears that there is no other recourse.

The background of this case is that Kitale Children Department, some sort of children’s agency in Kenya, is claiming that we had the four orphaned children removed from Turkana County, similar to a State in America, and placed in an orphanage in Eldoret, Kenya, in a different County/state. Now, we have signed permission from the children’s nearest relative, an aunt, along with their Tribal chief who witnessed the signature and also signed the permission document. We also had permission from a Federal government Children’s official from Nairobi. All of these permissions had to be in place before the orphanage in Eldoret would allow the children to be placed there. We sincerely feel that we will prevail in the case, and that everything we have done was in line with Kenya law. However, we know that this “Kitale Children Department”, whoever they are, didn’t just accidentally find out about our rescue of these orphans. We have fierce enemies in Turkana Kenya because of what we broadcast on our radio station there. Priests from the Catholic diocese, and Seventh Day Adventists leaders, have all come to our radio station office to complain about things I have said about both of their false religions. Also, Kenya false prophet, Dr. Owour, has many pastors in Turkana, that hate our radio station, and the pastors that follow our ministry there. It would be impossible to know exactly who is causing this trouble for our ministry, but it is there nonetheless.  We wrestle against spirits/devils and not flesh and blood.

We thank you for your prayers for our ministry, myself, Michael and all the staff of Ekeyokon Radio (Watchman Radio) in Lodwar, Turkana, Kenya as we strive to preach the Gospel and continue to protect four innocent children from the wolves that would devour them. I will keep you updated as information comes to me.



My Wife

Yesterday I posted that my wife has breast cancer. My wife’s cancer is invasive. We are not sure if it has reached the lymph nodes, but will know more soon. They are planning a double mastectomy. I will post the date for this when I know them. This is hard for both of us and our family. Thanks for your prayers.