A word of thanks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who pray for and support the work God has given into our hand at Bethel.  Every email,  phone call or message of encouragement is greatly appreciated. Please continue to pray for us in the coming year as we continue laboring in the Lord’s field.

14 thoughts on “A word of thanks.”

  1. Pastor Mike;
    Thank you for your prayers! Not sure if you remember me….I’m the guy that phoned you one Sunday afternoon some time back now. Since then I’ve started reading the bible every morning. So far I’ve read the New Testament and have read from Genesis up to Psalms1 tomorrow. I guess the reason I’m reading it this way is I’m looking for answers. Later I’ll go back and take a closer look at many things I’ve read. Thanks to your ministry and time you took to pray with me you got me started! I thank you for that! I watch Sunday School and morning service on line every Sunday. Not so all your other posts😕 I find it too much time listening and not studying. Perhaps when my life gets settled I’ll have the time! I still need your prayers for me and my wife Heather desperately! Thank you Pastor Mike.
    I play along on my piano during the Sunday services…….you guys play different!!! Lol! but so do I!
    Bye for now. Love you in The Lord !
    Norm Madson
    From Edmonton Alberta….the ones that bless you with all that good weather! Oh yea watched your “Drive Home” video! The problem there where you are it’s not nearly cold enough! At least for driving. BUT your blessed! We’ve had COLD COLD and when it warms up it snows! Love you all at Bethel.
    Perhaps pray I’ll find a church here.

  2. Hi Pastor Mike,
    We love you and all our Bethel church family. We watch every Sunday and listen to all the Watchmen and Pastor Mike online. We have grown in the knowledge of the Word because of your ministry, and pray for you all on a daily basis. God willing someday we can get to Missouri from Cambridge Ontario Canada to see you all. But if not here, we will all meet one day in heaven. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do! Pray for us that the Lord will keep us both healthy and strong in the Lord., as we will continue to pray for you also. Blessings! Perry an Anne Blackwood

  3. Dear Pastor Mike family and church family may God continue to bless all of you.
    I have learned so much in just a short time listening to you Pastor Mike and have been encouraged by the sermons God gives you. I still haven’t found a church here, I do miss the fellowship…
    I am thankful every time you say we need to read the word of God, the King James Bible,,, just read Gods word,, that’s what you say., thank you for always encouraging us to get in Gods word,,,,I’m going to keep reading
    Psalm 119:104-105
    Thanking Jesus for all his grace and mercy in my life,,,,, it’s been a miracle that God lead me to you and your church from California all the way to Missouri thank you Lord,,,I am praying for your wife, Roy and everyone you ask us to pray for..
    God Bless all of Bethel Church may he keep You safe in his Loving arms.

  4. Thank The Lord for your ministry. There are plenty of people out there who speak on the same things you do but they go to lengths where much of what they say could raise questions. I thank you for your strong stand on the kjv also.

    Over the years listening to good preachers like you I had decided that the foundation of my life is kjv. (I am not perfect though… Very far from it)

    It was very important to make this choise though. I go to a good kjv only church. But a few months ago I started going to this other church because I made some friends.

    The pastor of this church uses the kjv, his preaching was pretty good, I thought the guy was solid kjv only, I started to get involved within the church, I went every Sunday, every seconded Wednesday and a group called young adults on the Friday which the pastor leaded.

    Over some time I started to notice things. Kinda like when you move into a new house, then after a while you start noticing stains in the carpet, cracks in the walls and the previous renters took all the plugs away so you can’t wash the dishes. Well I started to notice some things after a while in the church, things like people were using different bibles etc.

    A lot of people don’t realise this issue, so I guessed that the pastor had not yet explained it to them. Anyway one day at young adults the pastor was away on a holiday so he organised someone else to be in charge. Through the night this guy who sat next to me asked if he could have a look at my bible (because it looks nice) I said sure, then after a little while he noticed the letters on the spine (kjv) he read it out loud “kjv” then I said “oh yeh has to be kjv” then we started to have a chat about the kjv a little. It started out as a conversation between this guy and myself but after some time some other people jumped in.

    I stood my ground and was polite and listened to what they had to say. They had many questions and I just gave them some examples of errors in the new versions.

    After that night my friend went down south for two weeks so I decided to go visit my old church ( the one I am now currently attending).

    What I did not know is that over the course of those two weeks I had caused quite a stir within that church, the members were asking their pastor about the kjv only issue.

    Meanwhile in the same two weeks my friend sent me a message on how there are mistakes in the kjv, my draw dropped, I had known him well before he started going to this church and we both had the same stand on the kjv but now he had moved on.

    The only reason he changed was because someone was feeding him poison. Then another friend messages me with the same state of mind.

    My spirit was troubled for them. After the two weeks my friend comes back and we went to this creation camp which some members from a few different church’s came to. I went in with the group of the church that my friends go to. (It was prearranged weeks before)

    Through the day that pastor was there, and the look on his face to see me was full of anger. Kinda like that scripture that says they have scary looking faces. A few hours later he pulls me aside and says “let’s go for a walk”.

    He takes me around the back of the camp site and says “stand here” (which in a geographical position that means my back to the people and his face to them) I don’t know if anyone was watching but he made it feel that way.

    We had a chat, I was calm but boy his pitch was a little raised and he was a little shaken. Not to get into to much of what he said but pretty much that the niv is a good translation, that there are mistakes in the kjv that he only believes in the inspiration but not in the preserved etc. he said that I am only a guess and not a member of his church ( not like I want to be now lol) and he said to not bring up the kjv only thing anymore.

    He was so full of pride because he’s a “bible teacher” and I am just some guy with nothing. We agreed to disagree with each other.

    I left not to long after, and never to return to his church, I still keep in touch sometimes with my friends that still go there but there is something missing between us now, the fellowship.

    What I want to thank you for is having that strong stand on the kjv, to speak on issues many preaches won’t. For building up young men like me to keep in the faith so when we are faced with lessons in life like the one I wrote about, we can just stand our ground and hold fast to our kjb. Even if it means ( like in my case) loose some friends in the end it is worth it.

    God bless

    And thank The Lord.

    1. Nick, I wanted to say thanks for your kind message above, so glad you are standing for the pure KJV, and I pray one day soon all of
      your friends you left behind will know the truth of the pure KJV Bible, and God’s true words. God Bless you and your family forever. Amen!

  5. Pastor mike. I’m glad to see you u up and around thankGOD.the series on the 4 kingdom I love it. I’m learning alot thank you

  6. Pastor Mike,
    I hope you are gaining strength each and every day, and not having headaches. I know how much an auto accident can mess up your body. I was in a hit and run accident about 5 years ago. I had to have a cervical disk replacement in my neck and had to have my lower back re fused. I pray for you and for your family, and for your continued ministry at Bethel Church. I am so glad that I found you on the web. I listen to your Sunday messages and also the Watchmen Video, Pastor Mike Online, and your Bible Study. I recently received the CDs from January 2014. I am so excited because I can listen to your messages while at work, and then pass them on to my co workers and family as well. May God richly bless you. Thank God for your ministry. You also have a very nice singing voice

  7. Thank you for you service Pastor, every episode of your 4th kingdom series has answered questions to my previous weeks study…not kidding down to the very graphics and pictures you use….brings me so much peace of mind in a troubling time knowing that God is feeding His people the Word and teaching us the same things in the same time frame(even if we don’t have one single person in our life to study with)…it has helped cast out and bind so many spirits that have plagued me my whole life. Recently my childhood bible made it back to me in a miraculous fashion with clues Ive left for myself. Its going to tie in with #26 in the series as I drew a witch in the middle of four triangles so I cant wait to see whats in the next episode. I was wondering if you have a study up somewhere about the start of the 8th tetrad coming our way April 15. My clues and the picture I drew for myself as a very young barely can write child, lead me to believe spiknard was something needed to anoint myself with for these passovers and feast of tabernacles. Guess what Im wondering if others recieved this instruction as well..or if I still have a few more witchy spirits to rid myself of? Thank you again Karla

  8. Just a word of encouragement ,I’m an unlearned fisherman residing in the state of New Hampshire in an urban area, it would just like to let you know that the spirit has used you to reach me with meat and potatoes of the Scriptures. Also of course I’ve reviewed your many detractors that seem to be littered about YouTube and no worries, they cannot fool the elect and most of them seem to be mere babies in the knowledge of the Scriptures’s subsisting on the milk; again thank you for the meat and potatoes!! As He said ,feed my lambs, feed my sheep, feed my lambs. May the peace of Christ continue to be upon you!

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