Homecoming Schedule

Friday: 5:30pm-Finger Foods



Saturday: 8:30am-Breakfast



1:30pm-Afternoon Service


Sunday: 9:45am-Sunday School

10:45am-Sunday Morning Sermon

Lunch will follow directly after church service Sunday morning. Southern Raised will be singing Saturday and Sunday. There will be no evening service on Sunday.


Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike needs prayer for his back.
Shirley needs prayer for healing from cancer.
Larry has Parkinson’s and can’t work.
Rhonda’s Dad who is not doing good
Brooklyn needs prayer
Patty Hammill for health & salvation
Karen is asking prayer for her brother, daughter and her family
Mitch needs prayer

Courtney for an unspoken
Jen needs prayer for her and her family.
Rick needs prayer & traveling safety.
David asking prayer for his wife & grandchildren
Mike Lukens & family needs prayer for salvation.
Michael’s Dad needs salvation.
Jim needs salvation
Christina needs prayer
Pamela’s family needs prayer
Bill needs prayer over his finances
Anette asking prayer for her country.
Rick needs prayer for his job.
Steve needs employment
Polly has cancer & needs prayer for healing
George needs prayer for a relapse in a disease he has
Bill needs prayer
Stephen having surgery
Lauren’s Dad needs prayer
Jerry & Laura asking for prayer
Tammy for her health.
Linda Carmickle needs prayer
Tommy & Shirley. Shirley has breast cancer
Matthews friend at work
Donna’s Children, her health, & finances
Bonnie & Roy and their nephew Al.
Melissa’s friend
Jodi’s foot
Mikes Dad has cancer & his mom had a stroke. Laura’s health.
Rose’s brother Ernie has heart & lung issues
Unspoken for family & loved ones & unsaved.
Ryan & Sasha.
Dana Chase needs prayer.
Nancy Reindl for her health.
Monica’s health issues.
Phillip Robertson
Linda Twomey needs prayer for health problems
Lola needs prayer for her health
Melissa’s mom and cousin.
Rob Grebe & family
Our Country, Leaders and Soldiers
Bernice Whitehead-health
Scott and his family, Dad, & brother-in-law.
The Group Home