Prayer Requests 11-23-14

Prayer Request

Pastor Mike & Lisa Hoggard
Our Country, Leaders, Soldiers
Kimberly Benz has Rheumatoid Arthritis
Betty Walsh her health & her family
Rose Huddleston’s kids & Family
Roy & Bonnie Hemphill for their health
Dee Politte & Family they are sick
John & Michelle, loss of baby
Rose needs a place to live,
Rhonda Stone’s Dad & Mom for health
Linda Twomey health problems
Hazel Waymire health
Bernice Whitehead health
Rob, Mary & children need prayer
Alleane Estes health
Lola Hensley health
Mel & Ann Robinson health
Sheri Blackwell’s Dad & Mom for health
Tammy Dotson’s son in the military
Melissa Cooley’s Uncle in health
Ann from England- Michael has cancer
Elaine needs new roof
Barbara’s family
Karen’s son
Norieed pray for protection for family
Roma’s sister & niece
Kaladevi & Rommy’s sister has cancer
Julian high blood pressure & diabetes
Watcher & unborn baby
Irvin needs prayer
Joseph needs prayer
Donna needs prayer for her grown children
Carla’s family-job
Sasha needs prayer for her family as they are catholic
Paige’s friend has stage 4 cancer                                                                                                                                                                               Joanne and her husband Eugene who needs to be saved. Also for her daughter to be raised with teachings from the Bible and that they can find a good KJV church to attend


Prayer Requests 11-16-14

Prayer Requests:

Pastor Mike’s back.
Our Country, leaders and soldiers
Kimberly-rheumatoid arthritis
Jimmie’s mother had surgery.
Little Zack for his health and his family
Greg has stage 4 cancer in spine, lungs & lymph node.that God will take care of his wife, Lisa, during this trying situation.
Betty Walsh-health
Rose’s kids and grandkids and family.
Lisa asking prayer for her marriage, finances and life in general
Indee for marriage to solve their problems
Peter- salvation for his wife. She is very prideful
Roy & Bonnie for health
Dee Politte
John & Michelle loss of baby with SIDS
Trish-back pain
Rose needs a place to live
Watcher is in the hospital
Ossi’s daughter Emily
Unspoken for a job
Edmund has prayer requests for his family and job
William covets prayer
Prayers for family for healing, and to keep Jesus as their foundation
Watcher needs prayer for financial
Linda Twomey for health
Hazel Waymire is in a nursing home. The same home her daughter-in-law is in .
Bernice Whitehead
Alleane Estes
Lola Hensley
Mel & Ann Robinson
Sherri Blackwell’s Dad had open heart surgery
Tammy Dotsons son in the military.
Bren’s Mother very sick
Russell needs prayer
Mary Grebe is having headaches and seizures.
Sue Butler has Lyme disease
Melissa Cooley’s uncle is not doing good.
Lizet asking prayer for Nara is in a spiritual battle, now that she has accepted Jesus
Linda Carmickle’s friend, Phyllis has a blood clot
Roy Hemphill’s brother
Jenhui needs prayer for so much trials in her life.
Patty has breast cancer.
Jonathan trying to get in photography school.
Barb T. Her granddaughter has health issues.
Spencer, Heather, and Hannah needs prayer. Spencer is in the service and has to go to Africa to help build clinics for Ebola. His wife & daughter are staying here.
A Watcher is asking prayer a for a brother, who is homeless & has medical issues                                                                                                       Ann needs some Christian friends and a good church to attend, and for Michael, who has cancer, needs to be saved.