Weekly Prayer Requests


Bro Mike and Lisa and Lisa
Bernice Whitehead-health
Nancy’s sister, Judy, for health.
Susan Parham needs prayer for spiritual guidance & children
Elena has a lot of issues in life, but she is still trusting God.
Ronda Is having strokes and needs salvation.
Rhonda needs prayer for her health and other things in her life
Khadijah needs prayer and her mom.
Davy needs salvation
Spencer needs prayer.
Daisy Greenwood has a brain tumor.
Richard & Grace, Grace has heart surgery coming up.
Linda has an unspoken.
Jan’s friend, Alicia, 19 years old has leukemia.
Rick & Ruth needs prayer for jib & relocating away from kids & family
Danny has cancer.
Brian’s wife- devil trying to pull her away from God.
Unspoken needs a job relationship restored.
Our Church and the ministries here.
Holly Farmer needs prayer
Lola Hensley is not doing good.
Linda needs prayer for her health & missing David
Mike & Laura need prayer for health issues.
Roy & Bonnie for health.
Garett for prayer to witness to his parents.
Donna’s son Eric for salvation.
Max needs prayer for cancer
Jerrod’s grandparents
Alicia & Courtney for health
Rose Hutton needs prayer.
Unspoken requests
Rose’s kids.
Laura’s mom.
Dee needs prayer for Jared and her mom.
Mike’s Dad & Mom
Linda’s brother, Bruce.
Second radio station in Kenya
The Group Home.
Pray for Regan, she has cancer and is dying.
Watcher needs prayer, discouraged .
Kelly needs prayer for her marriage
Lea needs prayer for cancer.
Danny needs prayer for personal struggles
Justin needs salvation
Elena is asking prayer.
Sure dear Senghere for family salvation
Tina Nugent’s  baby granddaughter for health.
Watcher needs a break through miracle and feels hopeless.
Anthony needs prayer for a job promotion.
Kelly needs prayer
Caroline needs prayer. Having problems with friends & family turning their back on her.
Watcher requesting prayer
Chataeya husband needs salvation, finances & friends family.
Pray for the lost.
Monica, Lisa’s sister, & family
Christopher Gunn family needs prayer
Rob Grebe and his family’s
Our Country, leaders and our Churches