New Radio Station in Kenya

On Sunday afternoon, our General Board gave approval to move forward with our second radio station in Turkana, Kenya. Michael, who was also voted in as a new trustee, laid out the plan for the station, the need, the future benefits and the cost for start up. It was agreed that the funds be taken out of the Church’s general fund and used for this purpose. The expected start up budget for this is $17,000, and the estimated monthly cost to maintain the station will be approximately $3000 per month. There is a possibility that this cost may be offset in the future by ad revenue from the station, but no deal is in place for that as yet.

The anticipated target date of our first broadcast is November 1, 2016!

This is not a plea for money, as we have already committed our church’s resources for this endeavor. If you would like to help us with a single donation, or a monthly donation toward either our general fund or the radio station/water well ministry, it would be greatly appreciated. As always, our greatest blessings from God come in the form of answered prayers that you pray for us and our work. The Catholic Church has a strong hold in the Turkana region, and I would not mind setting some people free from that. For that, we need God’s protection and mercy. Thanks to all of you for all you do for our church here at Bethel. We hope we can always be a blessing to you.

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