Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike needs prayer for his back.
Trish for cancer surgery this week
Patty Hammill for health & salvation
Karen Corbin & family
Jerry & Laura asking for prayer
Watcher in Australia needs prayer
Mark’s Mother is battling cancer.
Linda Carmickle needs prayer
Tommy & his family needs prayer
Matthew’s friend Jordon
Alicia asking prayer for friend died in child birth
Kathy’s brother John
Unspoken for family
Donna’s Children, her health & finances
Bonnie’s foot
Jodi’s foot
Watcher needs prayer for someone in prison who needs salvation.
Mikes Dad has cancer & his mom had a stroke.                                                            Laura’s health.
Ryan asking prayer unspoken.
Our kids needs prayer with school.
On line listeners.
Anthony on life support and not saved.
Rose’s brother Ernie needs a lung transplant
Ken needs prayer for his health
Nancy needs prayer
Alicia needs prayer
Betty’s son Charles & family
Unspoken for family & loved ones.
George & Diane needs prayer and for his Mom.
Jim Hawk for cancer treatment. His daughter, Hannah for substance abuse.
Noel’s health is going down.
Ryan & Sasha.
Dana Chase needs prayer.
Nancy Reindi for her health.
Please pray for Monica has health issues.
Phillip Robertson needs visitors
Linda Twomey needs prayer for health problems
Lola needs prayer for her health
Chris asking for his family
Melissa’s mom and cousin.
Rob Grebe & family
Dee & Jared Politte need prayer.
Our Police Officers & First Responders.
Our Country, Leaders and Soldiers
Harry is asking prayer for his wife, Julie. She has cancer
Bernice Whitehead-health
Scott and his family, Dad, & brother-in-law.
Robert Schafer needs prayer
Watcher needs prayer
Our Church
Unspoken requests
The Group Home.
Pray for the unsaved

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