5 thoughts on “Pastor Mike Online 7-28-15”

  1. Question:

    What do you say of other credible, NON-English bible translations that don’t have the same repeatable patterns (word count, etc.) as the KJV?

  2. Hi Linda, I am not sure if Pastor Mike reads comments on his blog I have not seen him reply to very many on here. However, from what I know the King James Bible in English is unique in the word structures and rhythms and repeatable patterns. But being a single language person I would not know for sure but that is a great question you have asked and I am curious to see if Pastor Mike can answer it for you. Be Blessed and hold fast to HIS WORD!

    1. Thanks, JDZ, and blessings to you also. Definitely holding fast to His Word! I may try sending Pastor Mike the question by e-mail in another week or so if he doesn’t have a chance to post a reply.

  3. There is something wrong with the audio for the second half of this video. After Pastor Mike took his break. The audio repeats from the first half. Please fix- would like to finish listening.

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