2 thoughts on “Pastor Mike Online 6/2/15”

  1. Just a thought about the two pastors killed on the same day. What do both cases have in common? A gun. It could be that the officers asked if they were packing a gun. And it could be that the NWO is sending a message to Christians who don’t want gun control. That is the Jezabel spirit at work.

  2. Pastor Mike- Please keep an eye on the Jade Helm thing. I don’t think that it is good and like you said, the Pentagon is not going to issue the memo. Why would they have to “practice” among their own people? If it is as they say, for going to invade or have a presence in another country? They say that they are going to learn how to gain the confidence of the people. if you’re a white guy with a T-shirt that has Budweiser on it and a pair of Khakis in Afghanistan my guess is that they will figure out that you’re not from their neighborhood! I think with the raising of the interest rate and some of things that are coming down the pipeline they are practicing for control. Or they want the guns. Or they really are practicing because they are waiting for a terrorist attack? God Bless you!

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