7 thoughts on “Our Radio Station in Samburu Kenya – KBTR”

  1. Pastor Not surprised on the work the Lord is doing, heard about it during last nights message Blessings Alex Amores

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  2. I heard you mention this on the Pastor Mike Watchman Broadcast today and was amazed AGAIN at how God works. Is this the thing that you spoke about when Aleisha and Michael last returned from Kenya that was a surprise that you were going to tell the rest of us soon? I have been waiting to hear what that surprise might be. IF this is it, what a glorious surprise!

    I am frankly surprised that your church folk don’t have to keep moving to find new building spaces to house all the folks that SHOULD be flocking to your church. THAT is astonishing to me; yet God keeps your church family growing by bringing so many of the rest of us from all over the world together with you during live broadcasts and growing with the rest in your congregation as we listen to all the other broadcasts each week in addition to the live ones. I am so thankful!

    You have pointed out over and over how God is the One Who causes the increase in the Church. He is the One Who chooses from where that increase comes. I’m looking forward to meeting all the folks from all over the world who love and support your church’s ministry and who listen with me throughout the week. In Christ, Donna Trulove

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