13 thoughts on “Obama’ Letter of Support”

  1. Don’t feel too bad about not getting a letter. I didn’t get one either. I’m not sure I want one from him.

  2. May be just coincidence, but look at how his signature creates the cross in the crown look. Creepy!

  3. So what makes them so special that they get a letter from the White House? For getting married? I know in the commonwelth people get one from the Queen when they turn 100 years old, but not when we get married. Other wise mine must be still on its way, its only almost 4years over due… I’ll go check the mail…

  4. Me too glad I never got one of those letters. Our country is on a slippery slide into the pit.

  5. Next he’ll be congratulating women on having abortions. That’s the kinda Christian President we’re blessed with here in America.

    1. His signature is also right on top of the recycle symbol that resembles a triquetra or the triple helix. It is everywhere.

  6. Actually folks, this is quite common and has been for years. All one has to do is send a wedding invitation to the White House in the president’s name and they will receive some type of congratulatory card or letter in return. My husband and I did this when Richard Nixon was president (40 years ago next month) and we received a card of congratulations back from him. One can often get the same response from any U.S. governmental representative, i.e., those in Congress, or for instance on a state level, the governor in your state and perhaps even further down in state government offices.

  7. Obama is either ignorant of who Jesus Christ is or he is denying Jesus Christ. Obama’s knowledge is secular humanism and he is ignoring God’s Devine Grace. I wonder if Obama has any knowledge of Sodom and Gamorrah and as to the many resaons (including homosexuality) God destroyed them because of their wickedness!

  8. Sad, we know his priorities and his objectives… Well, if it wasn’t for Lucifer he’d be out of a job! God (please) Bless America!

  9. Can one become Outrage Fatigued? I think I am. I just can’t marvel at them anymore. Each one tops the last.

    Recently I decided that they will take my King James Bible when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

    I hear a train a coming….coming down the track.
    With stops in perversion, filth, cruel authority and Obominationville.

    If this keeps up I am gonna be on Psalms intravenously!

  10. Praise The Lord you didn’t get a letter Pastor Mike!!! A nice present, that would be different… hahahaha!!!!

  11. I think it’s great that satan shows his hand thru stuff like this. It’s just proof positive that the Holy Scriptures, KJV is absolutely Truthful in all aspects. satan is sneaky, but his pride keeps him visible to anyone watching!! You can always count on that he will expose himself, cut his nose off to spite his face so to speak!! God is Great and in control!!

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