Heresy of 119 Ministries

A few of the heresies of 119 Ministries.  They are teachers of the Hebrew Roots cult. From their video “What is the Gospel, part 1”

“The message in the instructions of Christ is also taught in the week of unleavened bread.  It is to ‘follow me’ or, TO PUT IT ANOTHER WAY, since he was the Word of God in the flesh, He is saying ‘Live in obedience to the commandments.'”

“We are to walk as He walked, which is the Torah, the law of God.”

“There is no imputing of righteousness on those that do not practice walking in obedience to the commandments.”

“Faithfulness to God means walking in obedience to the commandments…so if the gospel reveals the righteousness of God, then the Gospel must be the message of the Scripture which tells us to obey the commandments.”

“The righteousness of God as taught by the Torah is one and the same as the righteousness that Paul preached.”

“The righteousness that was revealed through the law at Mt Sinai, is the righteousness by faith that Paul is speaking of….Righteousness is obtained by faithful obedience to the Creator.”

“Salvation is by faithfulness, obedience to the commandments and life is obtained by obedient fidelity to the Lord.”

These statements were made by twisting, isolating, retranslating, and outright lying about New Testament verses. 119 Ministries truly appear as sheep, but inwardly are ravening wolves.