Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike is having a lot of back pain
Rhonda’s son and her new grandson.
Bernice Whitehead for her health
J.R. needs prayer
Roy & Bonnie Hemphill. Roy’s brother & wife
Rose’s family
Jodi need prayer
Michaela for her eyes
Pray for our staff here at Bethel
Pray for people harassing our Pastor and staff
Paige needs a job
Linda Carmickle is asking prayer for her Mother & Father-in-law.
Linda Twomey for her health
Michelle needs prayer for her ankle
Ilean needs healing for her back
Jack needs prayer for a job and other problems in he life.
Amy’s health
Dan is asking prayers for new members joining the group
Cynthia is asking prayer for Vivian
Pray for Johnny
Watcher needs consistent prayer in his life
Elena needs prayer for herself and her family
Celeste needs prayer for her family & friends
Paul needs prayer for himself & his family
Sheri is asking for her kids.