Weekly Prayer Requests

Weekly Prayer Requests:
Bro. mike & family. Lisa is recovering from surgery
Judy has pneumonia
Michael who is still having some problems from his accident
Brooklyn has eye problems
Mike & Shannon Summers need prayer
Christine needs prayer
Melinda needs prayer for recovery
Melissa’s Aunt Elaine, her mom, and Katie
Gary is having heart problems. Pray for his son Jacobi.
Eleanor’s family
Jacob & Matthew need salvation. Jacob is in the 115th infantry & his troop was in the attack in Iraq.
Conita needs prayer
Evelyn needs healing and go back to work
Holly needs prayer
Helen McCartney has pneumonia
Admir Osmantic needs salvation
The Corbin family needs prayer
Dee & family
Sterling & Gloria for their health
Catherine’s health, and her sons, Alexander & Javier
Hyon Mi needs prayer
Cubby & Cindy’s family. Cindy needs prayer for her eye.
Rose Hinton’s family
April needs prayer
Lori needs prayer for health & family
Tammy needs prayer for health
Ernie needs prayer for heart problems
Frank is on hospice and needs prayer
Roy & Bonnie need prayers. Bonnie is in a nursing facility.
Linda needs prayer. She is still in the hospital.
Donna has kidney cancer
Dana’s family needs prayer
Robert, Heather, and Philip need prayer
Pam needs prayer
Max has cancer
William needs a job and prayer for his finances
Amy has cancer
Trish needs prayer
Donna’s family
Chris’ daughter, Abby
Todd & Courtney need prayer for health. Todd has an infection in his tooth and needs a root canal.
Our soldiers need prayer
Our church & online church folks
Our president, country, and first responders
Our ministries in Kenya