Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike & Lisa & their family.
Linda Twomey isn’t doing good and is in ICU. Pray for her family.
Mike needs prayer for a decision he has to make. Laura for health
Christine needs prayer for surgery
Donna needs prayer
George’s brother
Wayne’s health
Wayne’s son, Wayne M., Needs deliverance
John & Lorrie needs prayer for their marriage
Betty Walsh for health
Bro. Sterling & Gloria for their health
Please pray for Katherine White & Family.
Ally has terminal cancer with 3 months to live.
Noel for cancer
Adam has an unspoken
Melissa’s mom and Katie
Dana’s Mom needs prayer for her heart & health
Bernice needs prayer
Jerrod’s grandparents
Trish needs prayer for her family.
Tammy & Chris. Tammy’s cancer has come back.
Many unspoken
John’s friend at work
Roy & Bonnie needs prayer. Pray for their niece.
Cubby & Cindy need prayer and their family
Michael’s work in Kenya and his family
Jodi needs prayer.
Linda’s Mother-in-law
Ariel needs prayer
Clayton needs prayer
Meaghan’s marriage
Lindsay needs prayer
Nancy’s husband for salvation. She needs prayer for her health
Mary needs salvation.
Dan has terminal cancer and needs salvation.
Eddie has cancer
Rickey needs prayer for a health issue he is having.
Todd & Courtney & Family. Courtney needs prayer for surgery on her jaw.
Mike & Karen spiritual walk with Christ.
Pray for Spencer as he needs direction in his life.
Pam needs prayer for healing of her knee.
Unspoken for a dear friend.
Max and Sherry Cloke. Max has cancer
George needs prayer for issues in his life
David asking prayer for lost family members & finances
Cynthia is having serious health problems
Betty’s Family needs prayer
Kenya Radio Station and the people of Kenya
Rose’s family needs prayer
Rose Hinton’s sisters & brothers
Mark & Shannon need prayer for salvation
Ed Viola needs prayer
Alicia needs prayer
For all the kids in school
Group Home needs prayers
William Flowers needs prayer for health.
Chris Gunn and family need prayer.
Monica is asking prayer for Heather & Phillip.
Rob Grebe & family.
Our Country, Leaders and Soldiers
Our church and on line church folks

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