Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike & Lisa & their family

Trip to Kenya in August.

Aubrella is 2 years old & has cancer in her spine. Chemo isn’t working
Katherine needs prayer for her blood pressure. She also needs prayer for her son Alexander who had an brain aneurysm, T.W. who has heart
Problems, Her neighbor has breast cancer, and James who is 16 and has cancer
and has to have a bone marrow transplant. His sister, Isabella, is his donor.

Hunter needs prayer and so does his mother.

Linda’s neighbors

Keith Mother has Alzheimer’s

Noel is not doing good and needs prayer

Tammy who still has cancer

Cubby and Cindy need prayer

Matthew for school & job interview

Kids getting ready to go back to school

Joe need prayer for favor with Orthopedic surgeon

Group Home needs prayers

Bernice needs prayer

Steve’s friend, Jeremy, needs prayer

Wayne’s friends need prayer for their marriage

Chris’ brother needs prayer

James has cancer.

Hannah has cancer.

Mary Cooley needs prayer

Joanne needs prayer for health

Brandon for a God fearing wife

Linda Twomey needs prayer.

Nancy Reindl for health, husband’s salvation, her son & family

William Flowers needs prayer for health

Glen & June’s health

Scott looking for employment

Chris Gunn and family need prayer

Evelyn Fitzsimmons needs prayer

Kaitlin for Salvation

Clayton’s friend

Brandon’s Dad

Monica is asking prayer for Heather, Phillip & Robert

Jerrod’s grandparents

John’s friend at work

Scott needs prayer for his family

Melissa’s daughter, Mom & family in PA.

Meaghan & Lukas needs prayer

Joe has damage to spinal cord from work, needs prayer

Trish needs prayer

Max needs prayer for his cancer

Alicia need prayer for health

Lindsay needs prayer

Courtney needs prayer for health

Donna’s Children, her health & finances

David’s mom needs prayer

Erin needs prayer

Unspoken for family & loved ones & the unsaved.

Dana Chase & her family needs prayer

Rob Grebe & family

Our Country, Leaders and Soldiers

Our church and online church folks