Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike & Lisa & their family
Praise: Deanna asked prayer for her granddaughter and God answered her prayers.
Holly is having foot surgery in May.
Bill & Alexandra & family. Charles family needs prayer.
Brianne asking for prayer for her brother who is an Anglican priest.
William needs prayer for hip replacement
Caroline’s Mother-in-law had a heart attack.
Tim’s is critical condition in Cape hospital
Karen’s family in need of prayer.
Zelma needs prayer for family trouble.
Evelyn & family need prayer. Muslims moving in, trying to take over.
Aunt Lillian needs prayer
Deanna needs prayer for health & finances.
Crystal needs prayer for things in her life.
Brittany needs prayer
Mary’s Dad passed away & family is divided.
Julia’s daughter has been missing since 2015.
Jennifer’s daughter going to school to be Jewish and she needs salvation
Joe had a botched hernia surgery. He has to lose 50pounds before they can repair hernia from surgery. It needs to be done before his bowels die.
For the Kenyan ministry
Rebecca is recovering from back surgery
Mike’s Dad has cancer, and Mike had a mini stroke
Monica is asking prayer for Heather & Phillip.
Jerrod’s grandparents
Charles needs prayer.
Bernice Whitehead needs prayers
Debbie’s kids
Karen’s family needs prayer
Caroline’s Mother-in-law had a heart attack
Lola & Linda need prayer for health.
Scott needs prayer for his family
Betty Walsh
Courtney & her kids need prayer for health and other needs
Melissa’s daughter and Mom
Meghan & Lukas needs prayer
Clayton needs prayer.
Linda’s in-laws need prayer
Robert Schaefer needs salvation
Our school kids with school work.
Noel needs prayer, his cancer is back
Max needs prayer for his cancer
Alicia need prayer for health
Lindsay needs prayer for legs
Donna’s Children, her health & finances
Unspoken for family & loved ones & unsaved.
Dana Chase & her family needs prayer.
Rob Grebe & family
Nancy Reindl for her health.
Group Home
Our Country, Leaders and Soldiers

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