Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike & Lisa
Bro. Sterling for health & Gloria having surgery in November
Diane’s daughter Sharon.
Lindsay’s niece
Jeff & Rose asking prayer for their family
Betty Walsh’s grandson & family.
Rick Rhodes needs prayer. He has lung cancer.
Melissa’s daughter, Katie, was attacked, needs prayer
Robert Schaefer needs salvation
Laura needs prayer.
St. Louis needs prayer for all the shootings and violence.
Gary’s sister, Karen, has a tumor.
Ron DeGonia needs sinus surgery
Noel needs prayer, his cancer is back.
Our Nation is in turmoil.
Trish & her daughter need prayer
Sharon needs prayer for her health
Chris needs prayer
Michael & Alicia need prayers
Heather asking for prayer.
Wayne asking prayer for Bonnie
Carrie Hartsell’s Dad needs prayers for healing
Nancy, Adam & Melissa for salvation
Pam needs prayer for her back
Alicia need prayer for health
Lindsay needs prayer for leg pain
Michael’s Dad needs prayers
Linda, Jimmy’s parents, and sister need prayers
Matthews friend at work
Donna’s Children, her health & finances
Bonnie & Roy need prayer.
Unspoken for family & loved ones & unsaved.
Dana Chase needs prayer.
Nancy Reindl for her health.
Monica & her son, Phillip need prayer.
Linda Twomey needs prayer for health
Lola needs prayer for her health
Melissa’s mom and cousin.
Rob Grebe & family
Our Country, Leaders and Soldiers
Bernice Whitehead for health
Scott and his family, Dad, & brother-in-law.
The Group Home