Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro Mike and Lisa
: J.J. Needs prayer to be released from drugs
: Erin needs prayer for cancer
: Victor needs prayer
: Laura needs prayer. She has a large kidney stone.
: Old Paths Baptist Church needs prayer
: Caleb is sick.
: Courtney and Lindsay’s kids.
: Wesley and his mom
: Melissa’s mom
: Bro. Mike’s mom.
: Watcher needs prayer from a stroke, bi-polar disorder and addiction
: Amber needs prayer
: Meagan needs prayer for salvation
: Gaskin family needs prayer for protection
: Spencer newly saved
: Sheila Price had a stroke, but is able to speak again.
: Chris Gunn is asking prayer for his family.
: Amy’s Dad
: Phoebe
: Jess’s Dad
: Gareth’s girlfriend
: Carrie & her children
: Tracy needs prayer
: Michael safe travel back home
: Patty asking prayer for Seth. 30 years old had a stroke.
: Pray for Samantha and Steve they are involved in the Hebrew movement
: Ruthanna, Andrew & Baby Thomas.
: Unspoken – struggling relationship
: Carolyn Bergmann has only a few weeks to live . Her family needs prayer.
: Anthony needs prayer
Brian & his wife Ned prayer for their marriage.
Charles Herring and his family
Betty Walsh’s brother, Butch, & her son, Charlie.
Dana Chase needs prayer
Linda & Jimmie & their families needs prayer.
Dee & Jared Politte need prayer.
Our Police Officers & First Responders.
Our Country, Leaders and Soldiers
Harry is asking prayer for his wife, Julie. She has cancer
Tony has cancer
Bernice Whitehead-health
Al & J.R. Hemphill needs prayer. Bonnie & Roy need prayer .
Scott and his family
Nancy needs prayer for her health
Jerrod Lewis’s grandparents need prayer for their health.
Cubby for his health
Robert Schafer needs prayer
Melissa’s daughter, Katie
Watcher needs prayer
Our Church kids asking for prayer with school.
Linda & Lola needs prayer for her health.
Max needs prayer for cancer
Rose Hinton needs prayer
Unspoken requests
Rose’s kids and grandkids & family .
Mike & Laura, parents.
Second radio station in Kenya
The Group Home.
Pray for the unsaved
Rob Grebe and his family

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