Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro Mike and Lisa
Drought in Alabama.
Bernice Whitehead-health
Al & J.R. Hemphill needs prayer.
Bob Clements
Julie had a biopsy. Pray it comes back with no cancer.
Jerry-God is dealing with him.
Betty Walsh and her brother.
Cheryl’s Mom’s health
Pastor Mike from NC had a heart attack.
Scott and his family
Dee, Jerrod and her Mom need prayer
Mike’s Dads health
Marty& Kristy for their unborn baby
Nancy needs prayer for her health
Jerrod’s grandparents for health.
Cubby for his health
Robert Schafer needs prayer
Alicia, Jan’s friend is 21 & has Lukemia .
Melissa’s daughter, Katie
Roy & Bonnie for their health
Watcher needs prayer
Our Church kids asking for prayer with school.
Linda & Lola needs prayer for her health.
Max needs prayer for cancer
Jodi needs prayer for her job
Sasha needs prayer
Rose Hinton needs prayer
Nicole needs prayer for her relationship & her life
Amber needs spiritual guidance.
Unspoken requests
Jimmie’s parents and Linda’s brother
Please pray for a 5 year old little girl. They just found out she has Lukemia .
Rose’s kids and grandkids
Carolyn’s health
Mike & Laura, parents, Mike’s job.
Chris’s friend Harold Blankenship and his church
Phil looking a a Christan mate.
Amit’s mother, Shobah has 2 lumps in her stomach,
They are doing test to see if it us cancer.
Second radio station
Raymond needs prayer for health and salvation.
The Group Home.
Pray for the unsaved
Christopher Gunn family needs prayer
Rob Grebe and his family’s
Our Country and leaders and our Churches

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