1 thought on “Pastor Mike Online 10/18/16”

  1. Glad we found you here…we are seriously considering leaving Google altogether. We are in much prayer for American and Christians around the world…cutting back on things of the past and moving forward in Christ Jesus. “Inch by inch it is a cinch, yard by yard it is hard”. We are growing as we DINE at your table here! Thank you for laying out taste meals from our Father’s precious Word…the King James Bible…I started out in the KJV of the Bible in 1956…Gave my heart to the Good LORD in 1970…and my mother in law gave me a big white family Bible…looked into many other versions but found the dry and not exciting. Almost got involved in that Hebrew roots movement until I was led by the Holy Spirit to really study Galatians again…then just this year the Holy Spirit lead me to your studies…and Pastor Mike I can tell you I have really gotten som real meat from your studies and want to thank you so much for what you have made available to us and others…we share your information as much as we know how. You are in our prayers now also and all your loved ones.

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