7 thoughts on “False Brethren and False Teachers”

  1. Also Pastor Mike I am a female married to Robert for 52 years and agree with the KJV of the Bible about not having the women teach in the Fellowships and not to be teachers of men!!! I know that is for good…and it is not to harm or hinder the women. These instructions are very important for things to be done decently and in order. I can say this as a female…Jezebel would love us to teach men…so I will not do it…I do get to lead some males to the Good Lord out on the streets…but my mouth will always be guarded over in His fellowships. Obeying the Written Word of the Good Lord is the best thing ever…next to being born again/born from above. Please as the Good Lord leads you…more education and instructions about the ways Jezebel works…I a thrilled to find a Pastor that WILL NOT allow her in the fellowship…please pray about us joining your fellowship online as we have been looking for a fellowship KJV only and NO JEZEBELS.

    1. hello FOW, I am a member of Bethel’s extended church family, as of 2009 or so and it’s been wonderful for me, including he on-line fellowship found through “Watchman Commnity”. Please let me encourage you to visit us and even join us as the Spirit leads you. God bless you. Ariel in Phoenix.

      1. I am also a follower and it so refreshing to find you all on the Internet… No churches in our area still go by the KJV of the Bible. Thank you for the contact…a real REMANT it seems

      2. God is still on His Throne and prayer changes things. Great to have a bit of contact with members of The Remnant…we live in Northern California…a very liberal state full of evil leaders…and no local fellowships that go by the KJV of the Bible…we found Bethel and intend to fellowship with you all…sending our tithes in also…just started this month…thanks again for touching base!!!

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