Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro Mike and Lisa and Lisa
Bernice Whitehead-health
Watcher needs prayer for family
Phil & Sheri Blackwell & family. Sheri’s Mother passed away.
Chris & Helen Mangan’s son is going overseas.
Jimmie Is going to have hernia surgery.
Jimmie’s nephew, Joshua, for permanent custody of son, Julian.
Watcher going to Mexico for cancer treatment.
Lola Hensley fell off porch. She is 90 years old
Dana Chase needs prayer for her 13 year old grandson,
Stuart. He crushed his collarbone and needs surgery.
Adam Holt needs prayer.
Alex asking prayer for church and Meikle Family
Adrian has an answered prayer.
Dana Chase physical & spiritual needs.
Dana Chase’s Mom
Mike & Laura need prayer for health issues.
Roy’s nephew, Billy, has MS. Roy & Bonnie for health.
Garett for prayer to witness to his parents.
Diane’s mom, Levina for health.
I’ve needs prayer for her parents & her finances
Donna’s son Eric for salvation.
Linda needs prayer for her brother
Max needs prayer for cancer
Carrie is asking prayer for her children
Watcher’s Mom has blood cancer
Jerrod’s grandparents
Bro. Sterling for test being run.
Alicia & Courtney for health
Lady from South Africa got saved & is now fighting Satan.
Unspoken for health and our country and soldiers
Rose’s kids. Randy leaving for Pakistan, needs prayer.
Adam having back surgery Thursday.
Laura’s mom.
Dee needs prayer for Jared and her mom.
Linda Twomey for health
Mike’s Dad & Mom
The Group Home.
Carolyn for health & strength
Pray for the lost.
Monica, Lisa’s sister & family
Christopher Gunn family needs prayer
Rob Grebe and his family’s
Our Country and leaders and our Soldiers

1 thought on “Weekly Prayer Requests”

  1. Thank you our Father in Heaven…In Christ Jesus Mighty Name…thank You for hearing our requests and we know we have a Good Shepherd watching over each and every one of us! Father, Your will be done and we will thank and praise you in every stituation because we trust you to bring us out of the VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH…Death is only a SHADOW in the life of one of Your children…we thank You Great Father that you know all about our trouble and you here us when we cry. Thank You Father in Heaven, we know You’ll answer by and by…and WE KNOW YOU ARE ALWAYS ON TIME! We thank You Father in Heaven for teaching us what to eat and when…and to be like Daniel and NOT eat the foods of the world system or THEIR DAINTIES. We thank You Father for putting Your good foods with our reach. We thank and praise You Father for Your written Word, the King James Version of the Bible, which is our Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth = B.I.B.L.E. Thank you for Your promises in Your written Word like Psalms 103… Thank You for teaching us in Your word NOT TO SOW TO THE FLESH, because we will, of the flesh reap corruption. Help us all not to eat white sugars but to enjoy the honey from the bees you created…and the maple syrups…thank You Father n Heaven that Your Great Grace is enough for us as we go though the refining fires…You are more than able to deliver each and every one of us to a place of rest…thank You Father in Heaven…we shall not want as Psalms 23 says and You MAKE us to lie down in green pastures and You restore our souls! We thank You Father in Heaven, that Your only begotten Son Christ Jesus is our Great Healer…we have no confidence in the humans and we place all of our confidence, trust and faith in You as you continue Your great work in us…for it is written: GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN US, THAN he WHO IS IN THE WORLD…Your Word is Truth and forever settled in Heaven…there is nothing to difficult for You Sir…we love and serve You and You alone…because You have not given us a spirit of fear but You have given us a Spirit of love, peace and a sound mind. We give You all the praise and glory as you burn off our flesh and work in us perfecting a healing and a cure in our bodies in ways to Wonderful for us to comprehend …in our Savior’s Mighty Name we put these requests before Your throne and leave them with You this day…we thank You for each and every day as You track us from Your Word.

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