Update on Patty Stipak

Here is her recent email to me.

Here is her email address if you want to encourage her in the Lord.  patstipak@yahoo.com

Here is her GoFundMe account


Hello P Mike..
Hope everything is going well with the homecoming weekend.
I had a pretty good day today. I was able to walk a few blocks tonight after dinner. I have a little “back” pain but I can deal with it. There are miracles happening here every day.
Today we got the news that Dan, who came here with 4 weeks to live, just covered throughout his body with pancreatic cancer….is FREE of cancer after 11 weeks here. He has a few shadows that showed up on the CT scan, so he is staying three more weeks and Dr Batista is confident that he will be totally cancer free!!! Dr Batista gives all the glory to God!!!!
When we met with Dr Batista yesterday. We knew from the beginning because of the type of cancer I have, clear cell carcinoma ovarian cancer, that he was going to need more time to clear this…I will get a scan the end of the first 3 weeks and he will tell me what he sees. Even if the scan is clear, he said because of the aggressive nature of this particular cancer, he would continue treatment for the following 3 weeks and at that time I can go home cancer free and live a healthy, wonderful blessed life…
This is double the amount now and was not expected but we are confident that God will provide!!! He has so far…No more, No less…
Please share this with anyone who will listen….PRAYER WORKS!!! God is so good. This is quite a ripple in our lives but we are using our time down here for witnessing, passing out tracts and soaking up the compassion and love that these people have…My eyes have been opened wide and my walk with the Lord is getting better and better..
Thank you ALL for the prayers coming my way. I could not face this without them. The kindness of strangers, blows my mind…again this opened my heart…What a journey!
Love you P Mike

1 thought on “Update on Patty Stipak”

  1. What a blessing this testimony is to us here in Sonoma County, California! And while I am here I would encourage everyone to never leave the KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible…I started out in it in 1954 and have checked out the other versions of what THEY call a Bible…only KING JAMES VERSION is the inspired Word and instruction manual we should go by…I will never believe other wise! ☝🏽️🤗😄🌹🌷💐🌻

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