Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro Mike and Lisa
Diane Chance for health
Max Cloke has lung cancer & there’s nothing they can do for him.
Michael needs prayer
Amber needs prayer. She’s going through a hard time.
Warren needs prayer
Keith needs prayer for health
Patty has cancer
Dee’s mom fell and in the hospital. Dee needs prayer
Ole is asking prayer for his mother’s health
David needs God’s direction in his life.
Watcher family needs prayer.
Candace needs prayer
Noel for Elijah
Shannon needs prayer.
Kay wants us to pray for her granddaughter, Jazrin, is having open
Heart surgery on Thursday, June 2nd
John Carters family needs prayer
Tom Lagault & wife for health
Neil needs a job and his finances.
The Grooms Family.
Roy & Bonnie needs prayer
Rodger needs prayer for his life
Jodi needs prayer for a job.
Clayton needs prayer
Mike’s Dad, Charles.
Courtney’s father-in-law passed away
Donna Trulove pray for her health
Stone Walker, 5 years old, had a heart attack
Linda Twomey health.
Davy needs salvation
Jimmies nephew, Josh and his son
Mike Hutsell- health
Rose Hinton’s daughter & family
Jim & Linda Carmickle
Pray for the lost.
Nancy needs prayer
Monica, Lisa’s sister & family
Mike asking prayer for his mom
Donna Whisnant’s Dad for health
Judy’s grandson
Unspoken family division
David Canania for back surgery
Adam a job
Nancy asking prayer for Williams parents.
Eric for salvation
Christopher Gunn family needs prayer
Frank needs prayer for Parkinsons
Sheri needs prayer
Larry needs prayer. He has stomach cancer & salvation
Pray for our kids here at Bethel
Rob Grebe and his family’s
Our Country and leaders and our Soldiers

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