1 thought on “Your Biggest Enemy”

  1. Pastor Mike.
    Of all the video’s I’ve watched from you so far this one would have to be the most heavy hitting because its true…
    At the first of this month I was talking to a good friend and his wife about this very fact when we see what is obviously evil rather its in the private sector or our demonic leadership we often are moved to anger we think to ourselves kill them all the sodomites cross dressers you name it.
    But then comes the fact that were guilty as well and that includes myself,and even in my pride I’ve been angry thinking I was well within my rite to be so as if I was elevated to a God like level.
    Now days I know I’ve a lot to answer for and I will be judged and my sins will be shouted from the roof tops.
    Now this brings understanding to “love thy enemy”

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