Weekly Prayer Requests

Praise for Jerrod & Chris and family. Levi Sterling has arrived very healthy and beautiful
Bro Mike and Lisa
Alicia’s Health
Linda Twomey & family
Lola Hensley recovering from surgery
Gabe needs prayer for school and God’s mercy.
Wendy needs prayer for her Dad and brother and her family
Betty Walsh’s granddaughter.
Marianne’s husband is losing his job
Pray for the lost.
Ilene needs prayer
Nancy needs prayer
Monica, Lisa’s sister & family
Watcher needs prayer of marriage
Donna Whisnant’s Dad for health
Dee Politte’s Mom.
Paige’s uncle needs prayer
Antonio’s Mom needs prayer
Watches needs prayer. For health & Gods plan
Roy & Bonnie needs prayer
Watcher needs prayer
Dee and family
Debbie has cancer and.
Watcher needs employment.
Christopher Gunn family needs prayer
Julianne, Wesley & family
Sasha’s grandma, Pat Hatton has Parkinsons
Sheri needs prayer
Keith Kettelson
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Betty Walsh
Melissa needs prayer
Tony needs prayer
Pray for our kids here at Church
Ann Robinson
Rose Hinton
Courtney Reynolds and Family
Matthew & Paige
Rob Grebe and his family’s
Our Country, leaders and Soldiers