PM service cancelled and why

This evening about 10 minutes before the beginning of our service man slipped in to our church basement entrance. He was nervous and pacing. When 2 men from our church asked him what he was doing, he claimed that his car broke down and needed a ride. Actually he had been in an altercation with Missouri Highway Patrol, and was on the run. He was attempting to hide from the police in our church. One of the 2 men from our church sensed (Holy Spirit) that they needed to get this man away from our church. They took him to a vehicle and left the parking lot, headed into downtown Festus.

Just seconds after they left, the Festus PD came in the parking lot asking if we had seen this man. Several of our members told the officer what had happened and gave him our man’s cell #.  The officer called him and told him he was wanted and they were coming for him.  By then, the man told our guys to drop him off at a business in Festus.  He didn’t know that our men were carrying, and that the FPD had just called. Our men let him out where he wanted and he immediately took off running. Soon after Festus Police and State Patrol cars were passing them, asking our men where he went.  To our knowledge, the man has not been apprehended. It is for this reason we decided to cancel our service and send everyone home.  All of us are fine, and I truly believe God was watching over us, as He always does.

I will share more information as I receive it.

3 thoughts on “PM service cancelled and why”

  1. Praise the LORD!! For his ever watching presence in the lives of HIS children. Brother Mark in Pa.

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  2. I’m glad the church was not harmed. Since the Lord was in charge, I would tend to think that the reasons the police were pursuing this man were so petty or unsubstantiated that He provided a means of escape for him. 🙂

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