Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro Mike and Lisa
Linda Twomey & family in the loss of David
Lola Hensley recovering from surgery
Pam & Keith lost their Dads a week apart.
Meg for rebellion
Betty Walsh’s granddaughter has stage 4 cancer.
Jimmies cousin Shawn, has breast cancer
Mike Long needs prayer for recovery and salvation
Pray for the lost.
Max having chest pain, did an X-Ray & found a mass
On his right lung. Will do Biopsy on the 18th.
David needs prayer
Karen needs prayer for health
Leslie’s friend needs prayer
Ilene needs prayer
Antonio’s Mom with heart trouble
Monica, Lisa’s sister & family
Watcher needs prayer of marriage
Donna Whisnant’s Dad for health
Dee Politte’s Mom fell & cracked her tail bone.
Dana Chase needs prayer.
Eric Evans needs prayer
Paige’s uncle needs prayer
Antonio’s Mom needs prayer for heart problems
Carolyn’s family
Tony has cancer and it is stage 3 .
Roy & Bonnie needs prYer for health
Chris needs prayer for new baby.
Joe needs prayer.
Watcher needs prayer
Dee and family
Charlie needs prayer for health
Debbie has cancer and needs prayer.
Watcher needs employment.
Christopher Gunn family needs prayer
Julianne, Wesley & family
Sasha’s grandma, Pat Hatton has Parkinsons
Sheri needs prayer
Noel is cured from cancer by Jesus Christ. Still recovering.
Keith Kettelson is getting radiation
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Betty Walsh
Melissa needs prayer
Pray for our kids here at Bethel
pray for Darrin
Ann Robinson
Rose Hinton
Matthew & Paige
Rob Grebe and his family
Our Country, leaders, and Soldiers

1 thought on “Weekly Prayer Requests”

  1. I pray for healing where needed, Lord please provide jobs to them that need jobs, I pray salvation for those that are unsaved, I pray for those that are fighting a spiritual battle..that they put on the whole armor of God. I pray for all of us that none may fall. Thank you Jesus. AMEN

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