Weekly Prayer Requests


Bro Mike and Lisa
Linda Twomey pray for comfort.
Linda Twomey’s mom needs prayer. Surgery is March 15th.
Betty Walsh’s granddaughter has stage 4 cancer.
Jimmies cousin Shawn, has breast cancer
Mike Long needs prayer for recovery and salvation
Pray for the lost.
Mike Haleas needs prayer. God knows.
Monica, Lisa’s sister & family
Watcher needs prayer of marriage
Belinda needs prayer.
Amber needs prayer.
Dana Chase needs prayer.
Eric Evans needs prayer for his relationship with fiancé
Brenda needs prayer in her life situations.
Antonio’s Mom needs prayer for heart problems
Carolyn’s family
Tony has cancer and it is stage 3 .
Roy needs prayer for his blood pressure. and their niece who has cancer.
Chris needs prayer. Baby Levi is due in four weeks.
Joe needs prayer.
Watcher needs prayer
Dee and family
Watcher needs employment.
Caroline’s family needs saved
Julianne, Wesley & family
Sasha’s grandma, Pat Hatton has Parkinsons
Sheri needs prayer
Noel is cured from cancer by Jesus Christ. Still recovering.
Keith Kettelson is going to be getting radiation.
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Betty Walsh
Melissa needs prayer
Pray for our kids here at Bethel
Darrin needs prayer
Ann Robinson
Rose Hinton
Matthew & Paige
Rob Grebe and his family’s
Our Country and leaders and our Soldiers                                                                               Christopher Gunn and family                                                                                                                         Elena Ford