Weekly Prayer Requests


Bro Mike and Lisa
David & Linda Twomey for continue healing.
Linda Twomey’s mom needs prayer.
Betty Walsh’s granddaughter has stage 4 cancer.
Rose’s family and her brother Raymond
Daryl is asking prayer for his wife.
Craig has an unspoken.
Meiji is asking prayer to fight off false doctrines.
Monica, Lisa’s sister & family
Donna’s family needs prayer
Tony has cancer and it is stage 3 .
Please pray for Sunita’s family
Myla needs prayer for her wrist. She may have fractured it skiing.
Kol is asking prayer for Dale. His health is not good
Sherry needs prayer for rotator cuff surgery & her family
Roy needs prayer for his blood pressure and his niece who has cancer.
Many families needs prayer for marriage.
Ileana needs prayer for her family
Pray for William’s job.
Rhonda’s Dad Is ready to go home and be with God.
Jill and family need prayer
Rachida work issues and her daughter.
Watcher needs prayer
Dee and family
Watcher needs employment.
Sheri needs prayer
Noel is cured from cancer by Jesus Christ. Still recovering and has tight money.
Phillip cancer screening is not good.
Please pray for Andrew Holness and the Jamaica Party. That God will open the
Eyes of the Jamaican People and take the blinders off and they see God not witchcraft
Unspoken for watcher
Johnny needs salvation
Sue has cancer and needs prayer
Keith Kettelson is going to be getting radiation.
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Betty Walsh
Melissa needs prayer
Pray for our kids here at Church
Ann Robinson
Rose Hinton
Matthew & Paige
Rob Grebe and his family’s
Group Home
Our Country and leaders
Our Soldiers