Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro Mike and Lisa
Chris Dotson’s brother
David & Linda Twomey for continue healing.
Lola Hensley
Betty Walsh’s daughter has stage 4 cancer.
Watcher needs prayer for family issues & job.
Tracy needs prayer for things going on in her life.
Monica, Lisa’s sister & family
The Doyle family are praising God for their family.
Tony Shelley has stage 3 cancer
Ed & Denise are blessed over Pastor Mike’s ministry.
Roy needs prayer for blood pressure.
Rhonda’s Dad Is ready to go home and be with God.
Jill and family need prayer
Amber needs prayer for a friend
Watcher wants prayer for mother-in-law with Alezhiemers.
Erin needs prayer for employment.
Dana needs prayer
Gowan needs a job
Watcher needs prayer for pain.
Rose is asking prayer for her family
Rachida work issues and her daughter. Bad spirits in her home and at work.
Watcher needs prayer
Jean needs prayer for son and grandsons
Dee and family
Watcher needs employment.
Sheri needs prayer
Noel asking prayer for his cancer.
Unspoken for watcher
Johnny needs salvation
Sue has cancer and needs prayer
Keith Kettelson.
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Betty Walsh
Melissa needs prayer
Pray for our kids at Bethel
Ann Robinson
Rose Hinton
Matthew & Paige
Rob Grebe and family
Group Home workers and residents
Our Country, leaders, and soldiers


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  1. We pray Lord for healing, comfort and Salvation for all. Bless this congregation and may angels be all around them ministring your Holy Word Lord. Thank you JESUS for my extended family thank you for the Blessing of prayer. AMEN

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