1 thought on “The Enchanter”

  1. There are so many more connections u r speaking but not emphasizing. Our lady Fatima…a false spirit posing or at least professed as a false miracle or wonder assuming it happened bc the papists have noooo issue with creating false doctrine to enforce their power and influence through dogma….sorry I wandered a bit but it needed said…anyway, our lady Fatima gets word from “Lucia “….lucid lucient all derive from Lucius, llucia, and capping the pyramid *drumroll* luc-ifer…luc=light fee convert “bringer” Lucius trust, lucid luscious Lucifer publishing”look up their address in NYC and see for yourself and look up the company’s history and purpose. There are MANY MANY MANY more connections in what you said that can be discted to infinity….the son of perdition is fishing for men too and using a very large wide deep convoluted(lol convoluted means corrupted light if u root its etymologies) net. Thank you for your ministry and may God Bless and guide you . I pray in Jesus’ name you adhere to the narrow straight path with your ministry. So many false prophets and corrupted men misleading people. Nothing I could do myself personally as a sin would make me as fearful as misleading Gods lambs to doom ,corrupting His word, or being a steward that misused the Word of God against His works. I believe(strangely) you are sincere in your labors….bc I think 99.44% of pastors now are either willfully or ignorantly making a pigs ear of these perilous time.

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