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  1. Pastor Mike,
    I found this article today and thought it might interest you, especially for the Watchman series or maybe Pastor Mike online:

    CES 2016

    HTC and UnderArmour’s HealthBox Is an All-in-One Fitness Tracking System

    Daniel Howley
    Technology Reporter

    January 5, 2016

    I also need to thank the LORD for you, as he used you to show me the truth about the AVKJB. I was searching for the truth; and though brought up in church and even went to “Christian School”, it was of the Charismatic persuasion and they always put the focus on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially “tongues”,(gibberish, babbling), and false miracles, prophesies etc. They required us to use the NIV.
    Pastor, I never had eternal security or confirmation, (the Spirit testifying with my spirit, Acts 8:16). I didn’t know if I was really saved or not, the charismatic/Pentecostal doctrines are very confusing and do not focus on Jesus Christs’ finished work on the cross. Rather they try to tell people that somehow they are saved when they believe but don’t receive the Holy Ghost at that point. But should be doing whatever they can to receive this “blessed gift” that God promises all of his children. It is terrible, I spent 1982 until 1990, approx. in this mess then gave up and lived in my flesh for almost 3 decades.
    When my life got so out of control, (I had already been to prison once, [ I have never been violent or perverted], but was so addicted to drugs I burglarized a pharmacy). I tried to clean up on my own and did for 0ne year. Then I had to have major surgery to remove 8 inches of my large intestine,(Diverticulitis), I was back on very strong pain meds for almost a year and ended up back where I started. Another burglary for prescription drugs and was looking at around 30 years of prison. Somehow, my attorney couldn’t understand, they gave me probation. I told him it was God but he doesn’t believe me I don’t think.
    So I had yet another chance but this time it was harder, I just couldn’t quit the drugs. I was really scared and (finally) called on the LORD to help me. I started going to church, (but they were all either like social clubs or teaching really wrong things) I haven’t found a church that just preaches the bible. I don’t have a car but there are at least 6 different churches I can walk to and none seem right.
    I live in Bridgeton, in St, Louis Co. and would love to at least visit yours but cannot get there.
    To close, I kept crying out to God to “help me, I will be deceived if you [God] don’t”. I only just got internet service and my first computer 4 years ago, (about) and started watching preachers and bible teachers but it was the same problem, they all said different things, a lot is works salvation, but kind of hidden, like the Charismatics. I was trying very hard and reading my NIV bible but just could not find answers or any peace with God. Again, I prayed, “Lord, please help me, I cannot find the truth if you do not show me.
    Then I ran across you on YT. The Mother of all Secrets, I watched it all. I liked it, so I watched more of your videos and then Gail Riplingers videos showed up. I watched some of hers but kept going back to you, (not that she doesn’t see the truth), it was actually God, ie, Jesus Christ, who showed me, and saved me very powerfully and changed my life forever. I am only getting close to the third year anniversary of my new birth, but have come a very long way, yet also know Only the surface of the depths of Gods word has been scratched.
    What happened was I searched and found the only KJB we had in the house. It was a white, funeral memorial gift bible someone had given my dad. We have lots of bible here but that was the only KJV. So I started reading. I read Romans, then 1st Corinthians, then Ephesians,(at this point I was crying for love of Gods word, love of God and his goodness). The question I was searching out was “do I REALLY believe?” Do I believe Jesus paid for my sin enough that I am saved? (Again there are so many variations of works salvation, which seems to commonly be called “LORDSHIP SALVATION”, that I was unsure) Though having the REAL word of God now was teaching me fast, the difference from ALL other “versions” is ASTOUNDING! The words, they are alive, The Holy Spirit somehow is in them. All I can figure is that Gods word, IS part of God, literally. The other bibles, they sow doubt, confusion, heresy, blasphemy, and are Satan approved.
    After Ephesians I read Romans again and it was becoming very clear to me. Then, I don’t know why, I jumped way ahead and read 1st John. As I read through chapters 3, 4, and 5, I had to stop. I stopped because I couldn’t read through the tears of gratitude, peace I had never known, joy: the weight of sin left, I don’t know if it fell off because it could not hold on to me anymore, or if Jesus lifted it off, all I knew was that at one moment in time, I believed with all my heart that Jesus saved me, he did it himself, personally and quickened my dead spirit when he gave me his Holy Spirit, PRAISE, HONOR, GLORY TO THE LAMBOF GOD! He did all this at one time, the moment I believed and trusted him alone to wash me clean and take me to heaven.
    !st John is still my favorite epistle: Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. BELOVED, NOW ARE WE THE SONS OF GOD, (my favorite line in the whole bible), and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 1st John 3:1-2
    I have to say thank you Mike Hoggard, for showing me, (and countless others I am sure), the truth of the King James Bible, The Authorized word of God. I don’t agree with you on everything, does anyone? But you teach solid bible truth. The “Pure Bible Study” is my favorite. DO MORE!, please? 🙂
    I know you are very busy and I hope you get to look at the article and read my testimony. I wanted to bless you with it since God used you to lead me to the KJV which led me to salvation, and KNOWING IT, which came directly from reading and believing his written words.
    God Holy Spirit testified to my spirit in that one moment that YES, you are saved and my child! The drug problem didn’t get “miracled” away, but God gave me strength, perseverance, hope, and a great love for, and desire to serve him. He created in me “a clean heart”, it is like I got a new one and I see everything different now.
    Sorry this got so long, I felt moved to tell you since you showed me the right bible, the ONLY bible.
    If my testimony can be of use to you feel free, just leave out my last name.
    Thank you so much Pastor,
    in Christ,
    Glenn York

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