Weekly Prayer Requests


Bro. Mike & Lisa
Sterling Leonard for his health
Nancy Odell for her health. Judy Hillburn, Nancy’s sister for her health.
Monica, Robert & Phillip for their family.
Melissa’s daughter & her boyfriend
Ryan & Sasha’s friends
David Twomey’s cancer has moved to another place.
A watcher needs prayer at job.
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Betty Walsh
Ann Robinson
Raymond needs prayer for salvation and possible cancer
Rose Hinton
Courtney will have her new baby soon
Jimmie’s family
Matthew & Paige
Chris needs prayer
Rob Grebe and his family
Dee and her family.
Chris & Tammy for health
Roy & Bonnie’s health and for their nephew, Al.
Charles and family
William needs God to make clear his ministry
Noel for health
Family in the Netherlands
John and Marca asking prayer for the bad government.
Caroline from Ireland travel to US. Health issues. Wants to have children.
Vera needs prayer for her health
Donna’s son needs prayer
Ileana for her and her husband’s health and her son Gerardo.
Connie for her health and a job
Pat Wilkinson-for son Steven, confused about who Jesus is
Rex is a struggling pastor who needs prayer
Watcher needs a job
Mom needs prayers for her children
Pray for Jonathan
Anne-Marie for her son and her family
Our Country and leaders