Weekly Prayer Requests 11/18/15

Bro. Mike & Lisa
Sterling Leonard for his health
Michaela recovering from her surgeries.
Nancy O’Dell and Judy Hillburn, Nancy’s sister for their health.
Monica, Robert & Phillip for their family.
Carla Bergmann passed away, please pray for her family.
Eric Evans and family
David Twomey’s cancer has moved to another place.
Barbara needs strength and Gods direction in her life.
A watcher needs prayer at his job. People there are trying to get him fired
Pray for Pamela’s granddaughter
Virginia is asking prayer for her son in law. He has been diagnosed with
Pray for Bro. Ellis & Sis. Donna’s grandson in law is in the
Hospital in critical condition with kidney & liver failure.
Noel needs prayer for finances.
Chris’s brother
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Betty Walsh
Ann Robinson
Raymond needs prayer for drinking & salvation.
Rose Hinton
Melissa’s mom
Jimmie’s family
Matthew & Paige
Chris needs prayer
Rob Grebe and his family
Dee and her family.
Many unspoken requests.
Chris & Tammy for health
Watcher needs prayer for his marriage and his wife
Mike & Karen needs prayer. Job for Mike.
Donna Garret needs prayer
Roy & Bonnie is asking prayer for themselves and family
Ryan & Sasha are asking prayers for family & friends.
Nancy for her health. Family salvation
Ileana for her and her husband’s health and her son Gerardo needs a safe and affordable place to live.                                                                                     Rich Rally who was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer


1 thought on “Weekly Prayer Requests 11/18/15”

  1. I pray for protection on your church and health and healing, I pray the whole armour of God be upon all. AMEN, from Canada.

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